2015 New technology! Home security system G90B WIFI switch to GPRS for burglar alarm system


1.How to connect with WIFI
2.How to bind/pair alarm panel with WIFI.
3.How to give authorization to other users
4.How to switch WIFI to GPRS network
5.How to connect IP camera with alarm panel
6.How to learn relay to alarm panel
7.How to register door sensor to alarm panel and modify the zone name.
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  1. Hello … I have a problem, I can not that connects to the GPRS, I have a SIM card and does not connect, but with the WIFI if it is okay.
    As you could change the APN or configure the alarm G90B, for my SIM?
    You could help me, Thanks ….

  2. Hello, I changed pin code for the control panel and now I forgot it. What can I do? Is it possible to do Factory reset and get pin code 0000 back?

  3. How do you turn off the motion sensors when the alarm is set for while your home? I thought they did that on their own.

  4. I cant make it work with GPRS. Ive Movistar Argentina. How to change APN? I think it is wit a SMS right to the panel number

  5. hello i have a Huawei Y3 phone and GSM + WiFi app I can not install it is not compatible with my phone. you have a solution.

  6. Hello, does the wireless sensors sends info about low battery to the base unit ? Also can the base unit detect that some or all of the wireless sensors are disabled ? I mean active sensor discovery ? Thanks.

  7. Hi, my alarm wifi system not work now. I change sim number and now wifi not ok, impossible, all time search bonding but finally say wifi error. What happened? Wifi broken? I reboot alarm but never get wifi work. Please help me.

  8. When I put a Sim Card prepared without pin code, g90b doesn't detect sim card. What is wrong? I will use gsm from spain. Thank you

  9. The system stopped sending me messages using GPRS. And I can not control the device from Android App when I am away from home. Kindly help!
    Is there a new firmware update for the base device?
    I also installed the latest Android APP (release nov, 2016). It did not help. 🙁

  10. Hello,
    Please can you explain what username and password you are entering on the phone as the first step. is this the user pass of you home wifi or what?

  11. Hello .I have some questions for you .
    1) please Tell me how the time change ? When you enter the time settings I can only change the time zone to UTC (+ -…) .
    2) How to enter numbers , when the 375 is not possible to insert +
    3) On the SIM card inserted in the device needs to be internet ?
    4)If not entered correctly,call number for how to change it?
    5)is it Possible to reset to factory ?

  12. Hello, my Alarm have a problem, the sound of the Keys stop working after the alarm is triggered. everything goes back to normal if i turn off the power button.
    All the sound settings are at level 4. What can i do? i think thats a software problem.

  13. Hello.
    Connected wired motion sensors. The alarm system starts to work, cry when you trigger them, even if you are not able guard! Wired it sounds right. This was connected to the old signalure Security Alarm System – everything worked without problems. The wireless sensors are working correctly.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. I go through all the steps. the control panel has been charging for a week. Android phone is fully charged. I have a strong connection to my wifi connection and a strong available connection to LTE. If, like me, you get a "sending password timeout" message, turn Off your cellular data. then all starts working well.

  15. I can't get push notification to work on my iPhone 6 Plus
    but when I used an android phone everything work any
    Ideas , I think it's the app…can someone please help me
    I would hate to have to returned this systems.

  16. I reset the unit and I was able to set up both remote keys but when tried to program the window monitors the unit does not respond and no message is announced. I tried different windows and different zones, the same result!! Any idea why?


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