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Texas A&M Science – Chemistry Roadshow Promo 2015

The Chemistry Road Show is a public service program with two complementary and interlocking goals: to ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE students using chemistry. Find out...

Forbes Roadshow – Kecskemét

Az első Forbes Roadshow. Vendégeink voltak Wáberer György, a Waberer's, Palásti József, a Fornetti és Balogh Levente, a Szentkirályi alapítója. source

The Power of Pheromones – Watch a Blind-folded Test

Jennifer Ettinger and Kyro Parry demonstrate with a blind-fold test on Rogers TV "Daytime" to see if Rhinoz Solutions pheromone scents really work.

How To Attract Girls Without Words

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Sensual Female Pheromones Perfume Sex Attractant Cologne Parfum Fragrance Oil Spray

How do we detect pheromones? Pheromone signals are recognized by a body organ that is 3 inches inside the nose, called the vomeronasal organ...

Alibaba IPO Roadshow Presentation Video

In raising USD25 billion, e-commerce giant Alibaba created the world’s biggest IPO. APV produced six videos as part of the IPO Roadshow to provide...