2nd Half Ep #15 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Dating Women With Kids!


Join Brian, The Relationship Guru & Tommy, The Relationship Whore Weekly right here talking about the issues affecting your life, love & Relationships!


  1. One of the disadvantages is as a man you have to 1 Spend more money and 2 Deal with her Crazy X Boyfriend. I want my woman to myself. Last year in Chicago 3 young black men were killed by their girlfriends X boyfriends that were in gangs. So I would be afraid if I discipline some other mans child in a way he don't like. Is going to come through my door and shoot me. So when you date a woman with kids and she has an x boyfriends that like. You run the risk of even loosing your life.

  2. men you do not mass with women with kids when these with have no kid she don't want to fuck with you now they have kids now she want to make you her kids step daddy hell fuck no and them you has to worry about the kids father am not dealing with that hell no. men stop dateing women with kids find a women with out no kids so you can have kids with this women and build a family with her.

  3. So Brian, your now wife wouldn't give you the time of day, let some other dude blow his dick snot up her pizza pocket, they didn't workout and now it's Brian time? Coming out of college I had the same women I use to holla at pull up talking about what's happening? All of them had a kid or two talking about you use to like me, or you tried spitting game at me, you single? What you doing this weekend? I would tell them you're a kid and a year too late. What you mean? I'm not single, ok, I have no kids so you wouldn't be my first option like the position you put me in five/six years ago.


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