4 Programs Your Business Should Consider


4 Programs Your Business Should Consider

If you’re one of those hesitant business owners, you’ll be happy to learn about four pieces of software that aren’t full of bugs that you can use to grow and maintain your business without having to be in constant fear of a system crash.

Good software gets the job done. Great software exceeds expectations, is cost effective, free of major defects, and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, few pieces of software meet the criteria for great software, despite the fact that our entire society relies on computer software to function.

Programmers create software to solve problems, but they often leave out important features or features that are inconvenient to use. How do you know ahead of time which software is going to work? With so many consumers unsure of when they’re going to see that blue screen of death wipe out hours of their work, it’s no wonder why businesses are hesitant to commit to a software they can’t fully test before buying.

If you’re one of those hesitant business owners, you’ll be happy to learn about four pieces of software that aren’t full of bugs that you can use to grow and maintain your business without having to be in constant fear of a system crash.

1. Align

Align is simple, yet powerful task planning software that allows everyone on your team to collaborate, communicate, and manage their tasks. It’s not nearly as complex as Basecamp, which makes it the perfect choice for small businesses who just have simple needs.

The best feature is that you can tie tasks to milestones, and as you complete tasks, your progress is displayed as a percentage. It’s also extremely affordable at just $5/user per month, and they offer a generous 45-day free trial.

2. Yocale

Appointment based businesses can function at a basic level with calendar and appointment software, but it’s missing features that make the difference between a successful client experience and an outstanding client experience. Yocale solves this dilemma by offering features like online scheduling from any device with an internet connection, invoice management, and a full CRM suite so you can stay connected to your clients (and prospects).

Yocale does two things in the appointment world differently. First, if you don’t want to offer online bookings, your clients can request their appointments through a submission form and you can accept or reject them, or suggest another time through SMS or email.

Second, Yocale offers a searchable local marketplace for clients to find other businesses – like a business directory, complete with verified client ratings. This gives your business a competitive advantage in Google, since listings on Yocale will show up in Google searches.

3. Leadpages

Leadpages is for creating landing pages that convert. While other programs on the market claim more features and more customization abilities (like Clickfunnels), Leadpages is far easier to use and has some important, unmatched features.

With Leadpages, you can create what are called “Leadboxes” which are simply two-step opt-in forms you can use to offer a free download (or just a signup). You can place Leadboxes anywhere on your website by copying and pasting a snippet of HTML code. When someone signs up, they’ll be added to your pre-selected email list from your CRM.

Leadpages also provides timed and exit popups, a WordPress plugin, countdown timers, and pre-populated forms that automatically pull your visitor’s information if they’ve ever filled out any Leadbox on any website. The best part is that Leadpages is drag and drop, and comes with hundreds of professionally designed layouts, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time creating your landing pages from scratch.

4. Producteev

If you’ve ever used task management software like Basecamp or similar programs, you probably know how frustrating it is to get your team on board with using it. The more complicated the software, the less receptive your team will be. That’s where Producteev comes in. It’s so simple, it’s almost unbelievable.

With Producteev, you can assign any number of team members to a given task, and your team can upload files directly to their assigned tasks. Team members can also create their own private tasks and all tasks can be closed with a simple click.

When you log into your dashboard, all you have to do is click on your name to see all tasks assigned to you, and you can sort your deadlines by what’s due today, this week, what’s been completed, and what’s been closed. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

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Recent graduate of the University of Washington (Go Huskies!). Freelance writer, snowboarder, and lover of life.

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