50,000 Subscribers! Thank You!


***THANK YOU*** I would like to thank all of my family, friends, subscribers and supporters who helped me get this far! Thank you! Without YOU there would be no YouTube!

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50,000 Subscribers! Thank You!


  1. Congratulations Derral…you deserve 50,000 and 100,000 will be here before
    you blink !! Thanks so much for you great advice – I’ve said it before but
    my channel started growing when I found you and started using your
    tips…I’m at 7500 !!! patti :)

    • Thanks Patti +rxstrmom! I appreciate your kind words! I have some great
      series videos coming out that is really going to help you! I’m excited for

  2. +Derral Eves Your success is based on your sincerity and with all respect
    you are not the perfect “Host”with perfect lines or perfect everything
    ..you looks like the guy that we love to have a beer together and that give
    us great tips along the way,,..thats is your secret..sincerity and
    simplicity.you deserved!its a great achievement! congratulations!im great
    fan of your videos.

    • Thank you so much +Sergio Santos! If I’m ever in your neck of the woods, we
      will connect for sure! Where do you live?

    • +Derral Eves Im from Spain but i live in Japan for about 14 years…blame
      my lovely Japanese wife for that.if one day you come to Japan is gonna be a
      pleasure meet you.this is what makes youtube special..you can make friends
      all around the world.keep rocking +Derral Eves .

  3. where is 50k cake?! 🙁 haha…. I really like the video! I wish I did that
    but I might… for 150k but no time… maybe 200k hmm… wondering which
    video editor you use to make this video? I have FCP 7 and X but no way I
    can do on AE it’s too hard for me to learn

    • +MicBergsma … I’m on a diet, so no cake this time! I use FCPX for almost
      everything except some special effects… I use After Effects!

    • +Derral Eves ah gotcha, that’s cool. Awesome, hmm wondering if you would
      like to do After Effects tutorial because your tutorial is so clear to
      understand with subtitles which are so important for me 🙂

    • +MicBergsma I use screenflow for the screen capture part and the rest in
      FCPX . I will always …ALWAYS have the subtitles for you! I transcribe
      everything every-time!


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