9 Tips for Finding Mongolian Women for Dating


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  1. Most learn Chinese or Russian while in school.Very intelligent women and hard workers. But that "kurd" while make you gag.They all love kurd.

  2. I meet one in Houston Texas. No make up on but so beautiful n so down to earth. Such beautiful lips n very funny though gullible at times. I was like I need to get to Mongolia

  3. I used to know a guy called Dave Carney and he got engaged to a Mongolian girl who's ancestor was Ghengis Khan. Her name was Chilay Khan. He married her and but she wanted to keep her family surname also. Her name is now,, Chilay Khan Carney. lol ha. Peace

  4. I have to admit would never have thought of Mongolian women as sexy, strong but not sexy. So "Ulaanbaatar" wow who would have thought of that. Good video.

  5. Great videos you make. But the text is going way to fast for non native english readers to read it all befor the next one is coming. So please keep them on the screen for maybe just 1 sec more.

  6. Mongolians look exactly like koreans. I'm Korean, I could distinguish other Asians but I can't tell Mongolians from Koreans. that's known among Koreans. I'm thinking we have the same blood..

  7. I spent two weeks between Ulaanbaatar and Choibalsan (to the North) and I can tell you, Mongolia is a very raw and beautiful place. The people are very friendly and the food is good. There is a nightlife but somewhat subdued. Yes, the women are beautiful and friendly. One must always be respectful and know the "do's and don't's" of their culture and respect them. Nice leather and cashmere goods there.

  8. this video dont speak..and its cc is in white..you can read all the words.moves to fast and the words blend into the back ground..couldnt finesh watching..couldnt read it..

  9. Koreans in general consider Mongolians their siblings or the closest relatives and a couple of facts prove this point right: 1) Appearance: Mongolians and Koreans look almost identical to the point that people cannot fail to distinguish them too often(even most of the girls in this video just look like Korean girls, esp. the one wearing glasses in black outfits with a backpack looks toooo Korean); 2) their view of the Han Chinese: both Koreans and Mongolians hate Chinese not just because of historical issues but also "racial" issues in the sense that they think Chinese are a dirty retarded greedy inferior people who only know nothing but money, and that's why Mongolians can accept Russian invaders so easily but never or hardly (Han) Chinese as their daughter's groom! I know it sounds very racist according to the recent liberal leftist cultural Marxist politically correct view but this view has existed at least hundreds of years among East Asians (But remember that the modern day Chinese territory includes a lot of ethnic minorities that are not "Han" Chinese, which means there are a lot of population that should not be included in the generalization. hope folks get my point :))

  10. Mongolia women i don't know, but i meet one from Nepal and she was amazing. My goodness i would marry a woman like that if i had the chance, and they like blond men. Women in Europe don't like to listen that men are marring women from countries less developed like latine America.

  11. Lord give me a chance to meet this scumbag so that I can strangle the living shit out of him for disrespecting my country and my people


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