AirPods Review: 3 ways Apple can make them better


Apple's first wireless ear buds are interesting, but there's a lot more they can do to make the AirPods really special.


  1. I was not planning to buy these regardless but this review really sets the
    bar for how to correctly review products.its informative and mentions both
    positives and negatives. The product is the center piece not publications

  2. I don’t understand what looks so bad about AirPods but hey haters are gonna
    want to find the smallest flaws on Apple products I understand that

    • I would love them if they were the same shape and size as the EarPods.
      Unfortunately they’re a little bit longer and it gives them the earring
      look. The EarPods actually look good in my ear when I cover the wire, these
      are too long.

    • Allen Berry

      What’s bad about them? How about the fact that the sound quality of these
      $150 earbuds is only SLIGHTLY better than the $20 wired pair.

    • microsf121 you’re not paying for sound quality, you’re paying convenience
      and portability. If you want sound quality go look somewhere else instead
      of wasting time writing dumb comments!

  3. My hopes for the second generation:
    1. USB C charging
    2. Volume and skip controls
    3. Multiple colors (space grey, rose gold, etc.)

  4. God dammit… I was hoping it had volume control, play/pause, and next/prev
    track. No I don’t know how they would integrate it successfully into such a
    small device but some of what this guy mentioned sounds doable and should
    exist. Why is it only a tap feature? And since that’s the case, why not
    make one tap, two taps, maybe 3 taps for different functions?

    • I think u can keep siri & play & pause if u have siri enabled & then take
      one air pod out to stop music, then put it back on to start it again

    • +GeneratedPlaysGames Still can’t tell Siri to turn the volume down… I
      don’t think… I honestly have never tried it, but I doubt it.

    • +MAN_ON_WHEELZ Thats the only eay to turn down the volume without using the
      phone I think. ask like siri can you turn down the volume or something but

    • Brobi they are already one of the cheapest truly wireless ear pieces
      already go look at other truly wireless ones and they are more ex
      these are considered new tech right? am i wrong? new things are generally
      more ex

    • Bandon Lim definitely, Apple’s design team has gone lazy after Steve’s
      passing. Look at gimicky design like the battery case,the way Apple’s mouse
      and ‘pencil’ is charged and just making devices thinner and sacrificing

    • Bandon Lim I remember what Steve said, Design isn’t just looks and feel,
      design is how it works.Just look at the new MacBook Pro it’s beautiful but
      it doesn’t work because it’s too thin and compromises much. Look at Steve
      Jobs 2008 MacBook Air event, they could not sacrifice both power and
      portability and they did and it was revolutionary.

    • M I C H Λ Ξ L J U N R I’d couldn’t agree more I’m an Apple fan during
      steves era but they’re really making it hard to like their products. Apple
      isn’t really following the philosophy of creating products we don’t know we
      need, it’s just modifying at this point. As a person don’t get me wrong Tim
      Cook is great but as a visionary Steve was and is the best of thus


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