Are Passwords Dead?


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More and more passwords are being stolen every day from website breaches, phishing attempts, and other security issues. The biggest problem is poor password behavior by users, who often use the same weak password everywhere. Instead, we should all use strong unique passwords, and possibly use a password manager to remember them. That way, even if a website is hacked and the database is leaked, your account may still be safe, or at least your other accounts. In this video I discuss some future alternatives to passwords.

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    • yeah , he is tired from the satire he did and he got bored of it , so he
      stopped doing it and made this channel a tech channel like his other one ,
      he said it in a vlog a while back

  1. I have a encrypted drive for every pc 3 avs I have 2fa password and
    biometric . I get emailed when my pc is logged in and it can’t be accessed
    unless I verify it. No real reason I’m just a very secure person

    • David Blankson-Hemans yes nobody except the average person and hacker run
      computers that do 1000000 password per second

    • +Game & sports all day
      M8 hacker’s computer can’t be that fast. Every time you are trying to log
      in, server receives login/password you just sent, and then there’s time of
      server checking it in the database + time of your PC receiving message from
      server if that was right or wrong password, and that time makes it
      impossible, or would just crash the system. Let’s imagine that in password
      “password”, each symbol is 2 bytes worth, 2*8=16, 16 bytes per a single
      password attempt. 1000000 passwords by second is 16000000 bytes sent to
      server per second, Which is ~15.25MB. Even reading it all might be a bit
      slow, every PC with Windows that I’ve tried had some delay when you open a
      5MB file with a notepad – that delay is system reading the file and
      displaying it. Or, going another direction, say we have a 50ms(1000ms=1
      second) delay from sending a password to server and getting “wrong/right”
      response. In that case, 1000/50=20, only 20 passwords per second could be
      processed normally. *AND EVEN IF SERVER WOULD BE FAST ENOUGH,* *”You have
      tried too many times. Try again in 15 minutes.”* – some sites gave me that
      message when I forgot password to my account and tried to remember it. 15
      passwords pet 15 minutes, 1/60th a password in a second, which is ~0.01666
      passwords per second.

    • Justin.. either you’re just kidding and you intentionally posted a false
      password to see who would try to use it.
      you’re extremely stupid and therefore posted your real password

      I hope it’s the first one .. for your sake

    • +Justin Sankar justin, considering how fucking dumb some people can be on
      you tube, it’s not a far stretch to say some idiot could actually post his

      i think tha’ts a fair call

  2. All of my passwords are Password1. It has upper and lowercase as well as a
    number!! And it’s easy to remember so it’s super OP


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