Sub for more: | The Conservative Tribune reports, The head of one of America’s largest Border Patrol union locals came out for President Trump’s proposed border wall in an interview with Breitbart, saying that it “will be effective.”

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    • Obama the rat scumbag Muslim plant still is a looser and always will be
      unless he accepts Christ and rejects Allah (Satan) and the pathetic evil
      false Islamic hell bound religion.

    • The burden of proof is squarely on you, Bryan Jones. In any debate, there
      is never a “burden of dis-proof”. You made a statement and failed to back
      it up with any proof whatsoever. Nice try but no matter how you try to
      spin it, even you surely already know that the majority’s consensus is that
      Obama, and the Communists/Democrat Party, were absolutely horrible, and
      brazen, in their support of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants. It
      would appear they didn’t care WHOSE votes they bought with our money.

    • Jamie White, Obastard kept wall down to let 10s of 1000s of HIS ISLAMIC
      terrorists in. Obastard had a deal w mexicos president, Iran taught their
      ji hadies spanish, delivered em to their ally S america, who in turn bussed
      em to mexico, their ally, who bussed the terrorists to our southern border
      to come on in. And the demanazies knew/planned it for THEIR George Soros
      ONE WORLD ORDER agenda. Destruction from within.

    • +Joe Blamescot Damn Right! Their plan is to divide and conquer. only the
      uneducated easily brainwashed will be their pawns. But thank god for Trump!
      The best way to beat the evil of the elites is to unite as a country and be
      the shinning light for the rest of the world to follow. Good will always
      prevail. Everything Trump does is for the greater good!

    • Paul Frank Yes there’s a Ton of Evidence and most especially Benghazi. I
      know why he wasn’t impeached. Obama put 600 muslims into the DNC paid
      operatives, CIA operative Michael Hayden. CIA Michael Merrell and CIA
      Brennan better get of the rest, and Iranian Valerie Jarrett as well.

  1. Yes! Build the wall, fire up the reconnaissance drones, hand out the fire
    power, and turn the border patrol loose! It’s time to make our borders
    secure again!

    • You really think Chili Chokers are gonna cross a wall, a hundred Mile long
      desert, and endless rape/crime occuring inside of it, FOR THAT FUTURE?

      I doubt it. Its like going through hell to get in hell. If they are wise
      theyll stay put in mexico.

    • +The Comments Troll Strikes If a physical Wall actually worked then sure,
      but it won’t and for us to pay for it .. hell no! Just remember who
      actually pays the added taxes .. we do! $40 vegetables will cost $48; 20%

      If Trump said to Mexico pay for the Wall or we’ll stop all imports of goods
      then maybe, but even then the Mexicans will add the cost to their goods.

      You could accomplish the same with a wire, surveillance, and other
      technologies. You could even detect subterranean excavation.

      It’s not the 1,800’s anymore, there are better technologies than a 15′ wall
      with a 20′ ladder and rope .. 30′ wall with 35′ ladder .. etc.

  2. Gary Kudos to you and what you bring to the internet. This report is
    informative and surely noteworthy. You want to know what I think? Although
    our southern border security is of course important, the threat of ISLAM is
    not only a threat to our economy, but a blatant real and ongoing ” ATTACK”
    on our freedom and Constitutional way of life. It’s a planned assault with
    a method of taking America , by infiltration at our very core in our
    government in our protests and marches and even in our schools at the
    elementary level up to and beyond our universities. Islam’s directive is to
    conquer countries for Allah. Those that do not conform to the totalitarian
    system of control will be killed.
    We’ve been at war for over 20 years using guns and weaponry. Islam is
    using our freedoms against us. They come here peacefully and covertly build
    a movement converting our citizens 1 by 1 . They are covertly organizing
    their agenda to form a network that will give Islam a voice for Allah and
    ultimately vote the Constitution into oblivion.
    Please research what I’ve said and alert your 500,000 subscribers to the
    threat already within our country. I said we’ve been at war 20 years. We’ve
    gotten nowhere. 20 years of Islamic infiltration from now will see the end
    of our democracy without shots being fired.. Allah will have a victory and
    beheadings will take place on the White House lawn. We must act now. .

    • Mr. Nick b : Thank You. I love America and the Constitution like so many
      do. I would love for Gary Franci to take a leading role in identifying,
      exposing and rallying patriots to the hidden venomous serpent of
      Islam embedding itself daily in the U.S. unbeknownst to so many of us.
      The following is venting …. Popping off…. Blowing off steam…
      Getting it off my chest.
      I’ve read there are 3 stages of this Jihad that we will experience. #1
      ..Proclaiming Islam to be a cooperative religion of peace when it is
      outnumbered by the opposition. #2 .. Establish a territory and defend it.
      ( Deerborne, Mich. has “Call to Prayer” blasting throughout the city now.
      I dare you to try to stop it) . #3)..When their numbers become large
      enough they MUST offensively attack the opposition (us) to bring them to
      Allah. If they refuse to convert, kill them (us). A Muslim failing to do
      this is insult to Allah.
      I would say this plan is as thought out and complex as General
      Eisenhower’s assault on Normandy. We’re deep in phase 1 now.
      I pray we wake up to this and take the steps to eradicate Islam from
      our country.
      Notice Buddist ,Hindus , Mormans , and all others do not threaten us .
      They live in peace and worship as they please abiding by our Constitutional
      Laws. It’s been that way for years. But any protests or discord in our
      system now seems to have some Islamic participation or influence. We
      better do something about these sneaky bastards now whilst we still have a
      nation. Whew ! I feel better .

    • mr powerline nice try but he is taking the problem seriously unlike our
      former potus. I am proud to say I voted for a man that bucks the opinions
      of those that simply dislike him to dislike him and gets things done
      anyway. As he has said, “Without a border and laws we do not have a
      country.” I have to clarify who I am if I come and go in this OR any
      country. I am an American citizen and I do not mind the time it takes to
      make sure that overall we are safe. I can’t even fathom how anyone
      including those wishing to take refuge here would disagree with that.
      Thinking otherwise is just playing political games.

  3. The left and their safe spaces: Many that Americans have elected in the
    past 50 years have turned their backs on the Constitution. What they should
    do is have continuous coverage of the crime on the border let the world see
    the rape (rape trees), human trafficking, and drug runners. If the border
    was so safe why do people need protection to go there? The left create safe
    spaces for the indoctrinated portion of the population, but you hear no one
    talk about safe space for the high crime areas across the border or inner
    cities where people are dying from drug overdose, gun fights from gangs
    that peddle the drugs, and people are afraid for their lives. The wall is
    not about having a wall it is about Law and Order!

    • gman4321 No we would, clean out the cartels and corrupt government and send
      everyone back to run their own country, not include the land to ours.

    • The Man, no way! He’s a dictator! He is not the man of the people because
      most the people voted for Hillary in the popular vote. The College
      electorate put him in office, not the people. He cares not what half of the
      country wants and he steps on everyone’s toes without trying to come to a
      mutual agreement… sounds dictatorish to me. You don’t see eye to eye with
      me because like him, you also have an agenda. It’s all about racial and
      religious discrimination. Don’t use drugs and cartels as an excuse because
      they don’t cause trouble in the U.S.. Do you see them beheading people in
      the U.S.? No. Was 9/11 a Muslim act of terrorism or was it an internal act
      of terrorism? Everyone knows thermite was installed in those buildings.
      Building 7 went down too in a river of molten iron – did a plane hit that
      building? No… Will trump address that issue and come out with the truth?
      No. GTFO with your bullshit agenda.

      Now it’s Muslims and Mexicans, tomorrow all minorities and white supporters
      will be placed in concentration camps for mass genocide. Illegals made
      America what it is today. They all had children and created the country
      into a superpower.

      Your elbows are touching everyone else’s so now everyone that is crowding
      you has to go. Anyway, it’s too late to try and contain the issue. The U.N.
      will not stand by and see the U.S. go through with the plans laid out by
      Trump and his cronies. China is on the verge of going to war with the U.S.,
      so is Russia, so don’t go placing your bets on your Trump card before
      understanding what the other players are up to – it’s simply not a safe

      The high and mighty attitude is your country’s downfall. EVERYONE IN THE
      WORLD HAS THE SAME TECH AS THE U.S.. So I say to you, “keep dreaming. It’s
      OK to hold on to a dream. Dreams are free, a fight isn’t”.

    • Heatt Filtter wow you are a very confused young man, although I do agree
      with you on one thing, just one, 9/11 I do believe was orchestrated by the
      corrupt government, but they have been voted out, the majority of Americans
      did vote Trump in he is not a politician he is a man of the people, tired
      of the bullshit of corrupt politicians like Hillary, Obama and the bushes,
      just like most of the American people, Hillary did not win the popular
      vote, they have just opened an investigation on the voter fraud where they
      have hundreds of thousands of illegals, and dead people voting, the
      democrats are corrupt to the core, and it ends now, the straight american
      man of all colors has been pushed to the brink and will take it no more,
      illegals did not build this country, LEGAL immigrants did so stop lying to
      yourself, I am not religious and have no religious bias, and I am not a
      racist, I am a realist and the real answer is people need to help
      themselves, with help from others which is what America has always done,
      America can not handle the world’s population, that is why we have
      immigration laws, no race is above that. like I said there is no reason
      mexico should not flourish, both sides from top to bottom is prime beach
      vacation property and the middle is prime farm land if anything it should
      be a center of economy and lively hood but no its not, why? lazyness and
      cowardess , Russia does not want a war it was the previous corrupt
      administration’s pushing that narrative, no more and as for China there
      neighbors can take them out with little help from us, and the UN laughable,
      England will stand with us everyone else is a joke.

  4. My comment is “NOT HEAR SAY. there is no way I can give you an honest
    answer about how many times I have unloaded Butterball or Cargill turkey in
    Laredo and as always deadheaded empty 150 miles to the McAllen area to load
    produce (I have been an Independent trucker nearly 50 years). In 50 years
    it would be MANY, MANY, MANY times (maybe 2000 or so). I can tell you that
    at LEAST somewhere between 40 to 50 times (???) I have saw 1, 2, 3 or as
    many as 10 Mexicans come walking out of the dessert//prairie in the MIDDLE
    OF NOWHERE (no town within 20 to 30 miles N, S, E or W) with BIG//HUGE
    backpacks on their backs (??). This has occurred mostly the first 50 miles
    east of Laredo headed toward McAllen//Pharr area. many of my trucker
    friends have seen the same thing countless times thru the years. Many
    truckers (1 was my friend) have loaded produce in the McAllen/Pharr/
    Edinburg area and headed northn up US 281, when they got to the immigration
    check point (which the highway sign CLEARLY reads just before you pull in,
    it’s ILLEGAL to haul “ILLEGAL ALIENS”) they would find out 1, 2 or 3
    illegals had climb on top of their trucks and got in and behind the big air
    foil some of them have on top. You can’t see behind these from the ground.
    They get up there when the driver is inside paying for fuel or inside
    signing for his produce or watching his trailer being loaded. A driver
    would NEVER try to sneak an illegal thru that check point because WE//THEY
    all know your X-RAYED twice as your coming into the check point. That’s how
    they see them on top or in the trailer. They also have dogs circling the
    trucks and cars all the time and big mounted mirrors to see EVERYWHERE atop
    a truck. The border IS a PROBLEM!!!

    • Fredd Hernandez Oh god here we go. Can you not distinguish what is racist
      and what isn’t? Clearly we aren’t talking about Hispanics racially, we’re
      talking about illegals migrating to our country and taking our jobs. You

    • Illegals get payed lower wages which in turn causes business owners to lay
      off American workers. It happened to me. The type of jobs really are in the
      blue collar range which makes up a large amount of American workers,
      factories and warehouse type jobs to be more specific.

    • Fredd Hernandez moot point. Illegal is the only word that matters here.
      Take the proper steps to migrate then assimilate to the culture. This seems
      like common sense but is so hard for people to grasp. Welcome legal
      immigrants. Learn the language and become a citizen after taking the proper
      channels to be here legally.

    • albert rodriguez well you on the wrong channel bro…peep the
      podcaster…all. I see in my eyes is the white folks comm
      eting all the crimes in the USA..ijs

    • +xraided​ ohh i just realised what type of person you are. Sorry to bother
      you. And by the way do some research and use what God gave you for common
      sense. No need to reply back. I don’t even try to have intellectual
      conversations with people like u


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