Channel Evaluation for New YouTuber with Under 90 Subscribers


YouTube Certified Expert, Derral Eves, will do a live channel audit “YouTube Hot Seat” for one of his lucky subscribers that has less than a 1000 video views and under 90 subscribers.

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YouTube Channel Evaluations

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YouTube Channel Evaluations

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  1. Hi Derral, I am extremely new to YouTube. I am nearing the end of my first
    month of engagement within the YouTube community. I have currently reached
    JUST over 80 subscribers as of yesterday. I have a few questions for you. I
    literally have NO idea how to go about doing certain things.

    1. As I said before, my very first upload was about four weeks ago and I
    have reached 80 subs. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. To me it feels
    like things are moving very slowly. What would be considered a healthy
    growth rate for a channel in its first month?

    2. I lack the means of producing as high quality content as I think that
    I’m capable, or I would like to, due to equipment restrictions. But I also
    lack the means of putting very much money towards my channel due to bills
    and hungry mouths to feed. I know someone with as little of an audience as
    I do wouldn’t stand a chance of earning anything large enough off of
    something like patreon to support or fund the channel. Is there any type of
    passive income, even if very small, that you could recommend?

    3. I would like to think my content is at a tolerable standard, considering
    how little I know about the world of YouTube, and how new I am to the game.
    What do you suggest, for someone who feels they have content worth putting
    out there, to do when it comes to ranking your videos and figuring out a
    way to gain an upper hand when it comes to SEO and search results.

    If you get a chance to see or answer these questions I thank you in
    advance. And I also want to thank you for your helpful and informative


  2. I REALLY benefited from this!!!! My channel is about doing things that are
    difficult with a positive attitude (paying off debt, losing weight for
    example). Then I go through the process. I am 3 months old and I have
    gotten over 900 subs so far.

  3. Hi there.
    I am from Lithuania, but I live in the UK at the moment.
    I compose original music, and have gone to 200 subs in last 4 months since
    I started. I know it might sound ambitious but I am trying to tackle 1000
    before new years!

  4. Another great vid. After watching your other tips I’ve changed the titles
    on all my videos & added new tags to get found better. Now I’m working on
    creating custom thumbnails for all using Pixlr. For thumbnails, is a photo
    from the video more eye catching than a stock photo of yourself, of course
    both with titles?

  5. Really helpful video. But her channel seems to never have taken off so I
    guess she didn’t really do the things he told her to do. Not every channel
    is going to take off but I am sitting here thinking here: Man I wish he
    would help me out…..and she never made use of it. grrrr LOL

  6. Btw I just had it in plan to vlog day tomorrow! Oh I need to finish
    watching it now, but looking forward to continue watching it in the

  7. Hey Darrel I am located in Boston Massachusetts, I am an actor looking to
    use YouTube to propel my career. my channel is about making entertainment
    videos similar to king Bach/key and peel.

  8. Wow, youre content is so amazing!! You and Smoyer are rocking my world. Im
    on a mission to completely change my life. My channel is all about my
    journey with how to save money, how to get out of debt, minimalism,
    gardening, DIY products, and more. I want to share my journey with others
    in hopes that my successes and failures may help them even a little. I love
    the community aspect of youtube. You can find people who are like you, are
    living the life you want, or share the same values. Its such a great way to
    connect with people and build a community of like minded people. I try
    really hard to get engaged in the comment section with my viewers and hope
    that through genuine interaction, I can build a community of subscribers. I
    have been watching all of your channel review videos but they are all quite
    old. Please please consider me for a channel review should you do another
    series this year in 2017. I am passionate about the message that I want to
    share, but I am also an entrepreneur and therefore am trying to approach
    youtube from a business perspective. I have seen what feels like fast
    growth to me but my channel is still super small. I would LOVE to hear an
    evaluation from someone like you or Tim who are so knowledgeable!!! I am
    super passionate about sharing my message, and I am business saavy, so I
    feel like if I had expert advice from someone like you , I could probably
    see my channel explode….and that would totally rock my world. My whole
    channel is about living life with more intention, and if I could make a
    living by doing something that I love that also makes a difference in the
    world, then that would be my definition of Success and living with
    intention. So I would love to hear what you have to say about my channel,
    but even if you are not able to, then just keep putting out that great
    content and youll always have a fan out of me! Thanks again. – Rachel


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