Chrysler’s sleek Pacifica is a road trip all star


Chrysler's Pacifica may not throw out the minivan rulebook, but it adds a few chapters to the story and throws on a slick new cover, too.


  1. However, the Touring-L Plus isn’t the top trim level. A fully loaded
    Limited with options goes for around $49,000, which is much more than the
    AWD Sienna, which tops out at around $46,000

    • +Steeve McCloud I completely agree, it’s worth the extra money every way
      you look at it. I was just pointing out that the trim levels compared
      (Pacifica Touring-L Plus, Odyssey Elite, Sienna Limited) isn’t fair, that’s

  2. You are aware that the Pacifica has only 6% less cargo space with the rear
    seats down than it’s rivals. Yes, less than 6%. Hardly the big deal as you

  3. Sat in one last weekend, it felt less premium than it looks. It’s not bad,
    but it’s Chrysler, so for that kind of money I am going to Honda or Toyota
    without hesitation.

  4. Nice vehicle, but if Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / Fiat can’t fix it’s
    reliability issues it is heading for bankruptcy again for the third time.

  5. sat in the lower trim model at at the sacromento state Fair and the seats
    felt like cement and it felt cheap overall… not impressed

  6. Why would you want a rear drive minivan? Doesn’t make any sense to me. You
    have a big tunnel throughout the car because of the drive shaft which
    reduces cabine space.

  7. I never understood the appeal of mini vans, the sliding doors maybe? You
    could easily get an SUV for cheaper, much more options and better resell
    value. That’s just 1 opinion.

  8. Ok so i don’t see the where’s cooley or why wayne here? so i guess this
    guys is pretty good reviewer – I think he is…

  9. 1:50 No way to drop a gear to engine break? That’s not acceptable.
    Excellent review, btw. Most reviewers just glance over things like that.


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