CNET News – 49ers Levi’s Stadium: The stadium that Silicon Valley built


Are you ready for high-tech football? From ordering food on your phone to an interactive museum, Sumi Das shows how the San Francisco 49ers' new $1.2 billion home is teched out.


  1. Awesome…. I hope some day we can watch live sports with VR headsets from
    perspective of our favorite player. MAN!!!´╗┐

  2. I expected more. Went to Levi’s stadium the exterior was beautiful to see
    walking in. Got to our seats and the field looked nice. We honored Robin
    Williams life which was special. 9ers backup players were playing with no
    passion tho. And c’mon where’s the good food at search all over the stadium
    but there’s nothing but cheap movie theater food and beer stands. Had my
    kids and there was nothing to do for them. Finally found a Ice cream stand
    cause it was so hot stand but waited 40 mins for it and they only had one
    flavor vanilla because their machine broke. A couple of escalators weren’t
    working.Wtf. While waiting in food lines the some TV’s wasn’t even on the
    game and the TV’s were so small couldn’t see the plays. Only big screens
    were on the field and in their luxury suites. Rich people only section. I
    appreciate the days at Candlestick park. Fans are more die hard and the
    atmosphere was surreal. Then when we left there was a big sign saying
    “Welcome to Santa Clara”. Made me wanna throw up. Im a die hard San
    Franciscan 9er fan. Might be my first and last time going Levi’s stadium.
    SF Giants At&t park is so fan friendly compare to Levi stadium. With only 8
    home games 9ers up stairs people need to seriously upgrade and make it fan
    friendly and worth it as much as people are paying. $300-$500 a game with
    $50 parking pass. WTF Levi’s stadium u suck! Candlestick park with always
    be the best 9er stadium.´╗┐


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