CNET On Cars – 2015 Tesla Model S P85D: Electric to excess! – Ep 61


The latest Model S is as fast as you imagined, the hacked car is no longer a theory and Cooley's top 5 technological reasons to buy a new car.


    • +John Brian Shannon Still like to get blind spot monitoring though. that is
      one thing that telsa can add, my 2014 mazda 6 has it.

    • +G Wizzy I love Volvos, but I still love my Tesla more. Did you see that
      Volvo is putting four cylinder engines in most of their cars. The four
      cylinder is putting out four hundred and fifty horse power, this is more
      than most eight cylinder cars putting out. The engine is turbocharged, and
      has direction fuel injection. Volvo also has a three cylinder engine with
      two hundred and fifty horse power. Hope they live up to the Volvo
      reputation of being reliable.

    • I think Cooley meant basic in the sense that the Model S was behind its
      competition; for a car that starts from $70,000 and gets up to around
      $130,000, a complete lack of all wheel drive or driver assist features is
      pretty notable when all of the competition offers those features, many as

    • +sawink Elon Musk himself said, Tesla’s cars are competing with all the
      cars on the market, not just similarly priced vehicles.

      I always get annoyed when people put Tesla’s cars into a class claiming
      that that is what they’re competing against, honestly when you talk about
      competition, you talk about every single thing. For example, when people
      look at phones, they don’t just compare all the top of the line phones to
      each other, they also compare the price, features, and value. A $100 bag
      of apples is also competing with a $10 bag of apples. They’re all cars, we
      are not comparing apples and oranges here, they’re just more expensive
      apples, organic/gmo apples, etc. It’s all fair game. 😛

      I forgot to mention, even things that aren’t cars are competing, for
      example, someone might look at a nicer house vs. a cheaper house and a
      Tesla, because not everyone can afford both, and many can’t even afford
      one. 😛

    • +Programmer7 Until it adds in autonomous driving for free as an over the
      air update, then they’ll see why the Tesla costs so much. 😛

    • Tesla’s have the hardware to drive themselves 100% on it’s own. Tesla just
      hasn’t enabled the feature because final tests are being carrier out, as
      well as some things to do with the law.

  1. Electric cars will never get anywhere until you can charge one to 300 miles
    of range in 10 min. Or electric cars will just be relegated to daily
    commute duty, where charging 4-8 hours for 60 miles of average commute is
    acceptable. But cars are supposed to take you to far places with minimal
    interruption. Cooley sums up nicely as always 6:09.

    • You are correct But there must be one more important hurdle to overcome.
      And that is profitability. as of now No electric or hybrid car has made a
      profit. even the Toyota Prius loses money every year for Toyota. our tax
      dollars are subsidizing the manufacturing and purchasing of these cars.

    • +TheArfdog
      Further proof that your statements are bullshit. If you’re going to make a
      claim, you better back them up with proof. Otherwise it just shows how
      empty your words are.

    • +oisiaa If you showed me this in the 90s, I wouldn’t be too surprised. For
      starters CNET used to be on Cable TV in that decade.
      And I would be hoping you were showing off a Solar Powered car, which is
      still something that hasn’t been fully achieved yet. Yet it’s been in
      science books since the 80s.

    • +metcalfx3 YOUR dates for EV1 are 9 years too early. If Tesla existed in
      1990 they would still use laptop batteries, but back then laptops used
      NiCad with only 25% as much energy. No NiMH or lithium available. So the
      Tesla would only do 60 miles. ALSO watching this video would be impossible
      since the fastest online speed was just 14.4 kbps (that is 0.014 megabit).
      CNET would air this video on cable television (for those few rich enough to
      even have cable)

  2. Having driven a P85D, my only complaints about it (other than not even
    coming close to being able to afford it) are that there is no CD player or
    AUX input. I can almost forgive them for not including a CD player because
    not many people buy CDs anymore, and it’s not like I listen to them in the
    care more than a few times a year but those are still times it’s good to
    have the player. The AUX input completely baffles me. There is absolutely
    no way to connect an iPod/MP3 player to the car, unless there is some AUX
    to USB cable I’m unaware of. They seem to be relying far too heavily on
    streaming radio, which is just as ancient as traditional terrestrial radio
    as far as I’m concerned. Why people want other people to decide which low
    quality music they are going to listen to is beyond me, but it’s nice to
    have the option…I just don’t understand the lack of AUX support. Sure, it
    supports Bluetooth, but nobody that cares about music is going to be
    playing music from their phone in the first place, let alone via Bluetooth
    which severely lessens the audio quality. The Tesla software doesn’t
    support Apple products due to a licensing issue, which doesn’t matter to me
    because the only Apple product I have is an iPod classic. The only
    workaround I can think of is buying a small portable hard drive and filling
    it with music and connecting it via USB to the car, which seems to be a
    great solution because I could fit even higher quality audio than what’s on
    my iPod, but it would still be a pain to manage, organize and all that.
    Hopefully in the future they’ll include a few Terabytes of internal storage
    space and the ability to transfer media files to the car via your home WiFi
    network. Eliminating the need for a device entirely. That seems completely
    within the realm of do-ability for Tesla, but I fear they haven’t thought
    of that or at least seriously considered it.

    • +TheRealConcertKing
      So we both agree that the lack of audio input jack is a shortcoming of the
      Such was my complaint from the beginning..

    • +TheRealConcertKing SO much kibitzing about an environmnt you only spend 30
      minutes per day. My car doesn't have an aux input and I'm okay with
      that, because a car is a Terrible listening location (high noise floor). I
      save the high-end music for my home theater. BTW tesla can also stream
      youtube. That mean You get to pick the songs you want to hear; on demand
      (for myself I would youtube Nightly News or CNET and listen to that while

    • CDs and aux port have been dead since last century. Just put all your songs
      on a freakin $2 USB stick and get on with your life…

  3. Refill in 20 minutes doesn’t seem “slow recharge” to me. You pull-in to
    the supercharger, take a bathroom break or snack break, and then your car
    is ready to go when you return. That’s for road trips…. on daily trips
    your car charges while you sleep (so basically No wasted time at the gas

  4. The tesla is a great car espesialy for its price only at the cheepest of
    60k. And for the new models of eletric cars, to be able to get 500 miles to
    the charge is amazing.

  5. I check model s video probably 2-3 times a week. Every time I think about
    how much it sucks not to have the money to buy one right now.

    • 2 amp charges all phones… Anyways, there is also a 12v plug. So you can
      insert your charger there. Anyways, I bet thats not the reason you wont buy

  6. I find Teslas to be awesome. It’s a shame they’re built like crap. They’re
    among the least reliable cars in the industry.

    • Suboptimus Lime Actually they aren’t built like crap. Have you seen them in
      a crash test? It’s the first vehicle to RUIN the equipment trying to
      destroy it

    • +Mark Dudley Re-read my comment. I was referring to *reliability*. As far
      as Consumer Reports is concerned, Teslas are lemons.

    • Suboptimus Lime I re-read your comment and you said built their cars like
      crap…when Tesla has outperformed every other manufacturer out there in
      terms of how they act in a collision. And Consumer Reports retracted that
      statement about Tesla having the least reliable vehicles. From first hand
      knowledge, their are Teslas that have had no problems in four years when
      they first started.


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