The console is better than PC in every way. Gamers who claim that PC is better are no gamers at all. Console gaming is the only true way to play video games.

Guys, I’m ThioJoe, and you know what I’ve heard, too many people saying that PC is better than a console, and I’m going to prove all of you wrong today! I’m going to tell you why consoles are clearly better than PCs in every way you can imagine. First of all, consoles have better cinematic frame rates. Your eye can’t see above 30 frames a second so it’s useless to go up to 60, you’re just wasting resources, that could be put into graphics like they are on console. Next, on console It’s way easier to keep track of all the buttons, on a PC You got to worry about all the buttons on the keyboard, so many different buttons, so many controls On the console, it’s so simple. There’s just a controller, the buttons are usually color-Coded, not to mention There’s only one thing as opposed to on a PC, you have to worry about controlling with two different devices Such a pain, the console is clearly better in that respect.

Next are friends lists How are you supposed to play on PC with friends if there’s no friends list. You log into Xbox you got your friends all there You see who’s online, can’t do that on PC. All you do is you log in you get Internet Explorer What good is that? I don’t know why you’d ever use PC You can’t even play with your friends and on top of that There’s no voice chat on PC, on Xbox you got party chat, you got messages You can send people, can’t do any of that on windows. The next reason is there’s no modders or hackers on consoles On PC you got all these modders hacking the game and changing it and making it easier for themselves and changing characters and guns and it’s crazy You don’t get any of that on the console. There’s no modding on consoles So there’s no cheating and you get to play the game the way the developer intended without anyone messing it up So obviously consoles better with no mods And the next reason is really obvious, consoles are just simply more powerful than PCs.

How many times Have you seen people asking can my PC run this game? Is it powerful enough? Why don’t you see people asking that for consoles, hmm? It’s probably because all consoles are more powerful You don’t even have to worry about if it’s powerful enough to run a game They’re so powerful that games can’t even take advantage of all the graphics So you never have to even worry to check if it’s powerful enough everyone Who’s played console knows that it’s way better to play bigger screen, you can’t do that with PC You got to plan a little tiny monitor.

Why would you play on a smaller screen? It just doesn’t make sense Console, you can play on as big a TV as you want you to play on a big screen projector if you want, you can’t do That on PC. You’re stuck with a little computer monitor I don’t know why you’d ever want to play on such a tiny screen when you can get a huge one and be more immersed In a giant TV now the next reason is that PCs are just way too expensive.

I mean you look at Alienware $2,000 to play video games? It’s Ridiculous, you can just buy a console for $400 and play every game you want Why would you ever spend that much money on a PC when you could spend so much less and play the same games even better? I mean, it’s pretty much just a waste of money at that point. I’ll never understand it.

Next, There are just so many more games on console, you walk into GameStop What do you see? Walls covered in console games; Xbox, Playstation Where do you see the PC games? Little tiny shelf Why would you want to buy a PC when there are so few games on it? You can’t even buy any games What’s the point spending so much money? When you get a console you walk into GameStop, you got a huge selection There’s so much more of a selection. I don’t know why you’d bother buying a PC when there are not even any games for it We’re nearing the end, but the next reason is that more people play console I mean, I don’t know about you, but none of my friends play PC at all. Does anyone even play PC at this point? I mean, why would you want to play on a computer? if there’s no one else doing it? If I bought a PC, I wouldn’t have anyone to play with, it’s stupid There’s not even anyone playing on the PC.

I know from firsthand experience Finally, there’s just more consoles to choose from. Look, you got one type of PC But you got a whole bunch of different types of consoles, you got Xbox, Playstation Wii U Dreamcast. All that competition makes games better. It makes the consoles better, but there’s only one type of PC It’s just PC. Competition is necessary and when you don’t have a choice the only person that wins is the PC factory corporation I’m sure by now. I’ve been able to convince you that obviously console is better than PC So you can let me know that you agree in the comments section below or you can tweet me, @ThioJoe I’m always on Twitter, especially after I make a new video If you want to check out some other videos those will be on the right-hand side, you can just click them or look in the description For the same links such as if you’re on a phone.

You can also subscribe for new videos Three times a week and if you like this video, give it a thumbs up so I know to make more good videos Like this. So I look forward to hearing from you guys as usual Thanks for watching, I will see you next time, have a good one.


    • Also, I’m not “easily amused” by frame rate. There are two types of systems
      I play on the TV. My Nintendo consoles and my PC. They both run most games
      at 60 fps (Nintendo has easy to run games). When I play on Xbox or PS4, my
      eyes literally hurt as I’m playing. I’m not saying this to insult Xbox or
      PS4, but I legitimately don’t want my eyes to hurt when I’m gaming. Maybe
      you’re used to it, but I’m not

    • I could also list many other reasons than graphics and framerate for why PC
      gaming is better, but please explain how consoles are better for gaming. I
      want to hear your argument first

  1. Good points man, I always wanted to game on a bigger screen, I’m converting
    to a console gamer from now on, thank you ThioJoe for enlightening me!

  2. my friend has a PC with a Titan X with 12 GB. my PS4 was cheaper and had
    500GB. why would u pay so much for only 12GB? it makes no sense to be a PC

  3. You forgot to mention that consoles clearly are better because they are
    being updated, while PCs are becoming older and older:
    PS1 got all the way to PS4 (Pro), the original Xbox got to the Xbox One S,
    but there is no such thing as a PC2 or a PC 720 or something like that.

    • +JustusLM
      Your definetly right that above 200fps it will be very hard to notice. But
      to get back to the good old pc vs. vonsole debatte: 30 vs. 60+ fps
      definetly makes a huge difference. For me as a pc gamer for example
      everything under 40fps is unplayable.

    • +M4D AL3X That’s objective, though. For me, as a PC gamer, can’t play under
      15 FPS, but am otherwise satisfied. good point tho cus

    • +JustusLM
      I would like to ask, though, are you serious about the original comment?
      How PCs are “getting older and older”?

  4. not only do consoles have more games,they also have better exclusive,idk
    about anybody else here but i don’t want to be playing minecraft or some
    other stupid building games,i want to play god of war,devil may cry,super
    smash brothers,gran turismo etc,so yea i agree consoles are better than pc

    • i can debunk all of this. voice chat: skype, discord. friends list: steam,
      skype, discord, etc. pc games: buy them digitally. power: playstation 4
      runs off of the power of a mac. pcs are more powerful than 1.33 gigahertz.
      price: just build a budget pc alienware is the Apple of PC’s. controls: on
      the pc you can use any controller you want, heck, someone beat half life 2
      with an atari controller! framerate: just to be clear, the human eye doesnt
      see frames at all. look at the world around you, then look at 30fps. see
      the difference? if the human eye DID see frames per second, it would be
      infinite frames per second. mods: hackers are coming to consoles. also, did
      you know consoles have auto aim? screen: you can use any size screen you
      want. you can even use a TV if you wanted. multiplayer: millions of people
      play multiplayer on the pc. no need to worry about that. PC: we have
      different kinds of windows, and if you want to, you can game on a mac.


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