Contagious: Why Do Things Go Viral? – Jonah Berger – Animated Book Review


In "Contagious: Why Things Catch On" by Jonah Berger, you will understand why images and new content goes viral quickly on the internet and social media. There are 6 steps that Jonah found in most of the content that has went viral in the past and he uses it as a guideline to producing more viral content. Contagious is a great book that I recommend every media marketer to read, since it has profound evidence and studies showing that the methods Jonah is using actually works. The first is social currency, which is the binary option of whether or not it makes the person sharing the post look cool and smart. The second is triggers, which reminds the customer of the product. Is it a day of the week, a time of the year, or even a meal, such as breakfast? The fifth is practical value, that is, is must be usable in every day life for best results. Putting all 6 "STEPPS" to work can create viral content effectively.

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    • +Abdalla Elhagef I’m glad you enjoyed, do you have any personal favorite
      books you’d like me to review?

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  2. Love the video guys! By the way, do you know any websites I can use to
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    • +Egalitarian Guy I intend on creating a website about psychology and
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