Crave – Man-made photosynthesizing leaf could breathe air into buildings, spaceships, Ep. 168


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Deep space seems a little closer to human exploration thanks to inventor Julian Melchiorri's oxygen-exhaling artificial leaf, and smart shoes guide our travels closer to home.


  1. In the first article, we’ve finally caught up with Maxwell Smart,
    particularly if the smart shoe or insole includes a phone.

    • Yeah I think it’s a scientific breakthrough. It’s basically an all year
      round leaf. As trees are getting chopped down replacing some with these
      leaves could be the answer. With millions and millions of these leafs we
      could even help stop global warming.

    • It has already been debunked it was made and designed by a Art student it
      has just had really good exposure from sources that dont do basic fact

  2. I don’t know about you all but all these new gadgets are just toys u sure
    hell don’t need them I think I take another pass !

    • Give me a break guys, space created all of this. Don’t try and give credit
      to some unproven partial theory, that was written by man. We didn’t create
      this, it created us. That is a fact. We don’t have the missing link but we
      do have a hell of a lot of evidence for evolution. You don’t have to look
      any further than a Petri dish colony to understand it. Remember, the
      absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, unless you’re talking
      about God/s which are made up Intelligent life elsewhere in space? Of
      course there could be space is massive. Plus, a ton of information is
      buried underground, and we’ve barely scratched the surface as far as what
      it will provide our history.

    • +Some guy you’re not familiar with just yet what created the big bang?
      There cant simply be something there. It makes more sense for there to be
      something that created something from nothing. Than something that was
      created by nothing. There cant simply just be something there but at the
      same time god was always there…..but god makes more sense than “it just

    • +¥UNG-RA€ ‘god makes more sense than “it just happened”‘ no it doesn’t.
      You’re talking about what you don’t know about, any conclusion from
      ignorance is almost certainly wrong. We don’t even know if we can
      comprehend what exists beyond this universe, must less give human
      definitions to it, is only useful for your psychological state.

    • +¥UNG-RA€ or you know, time has always existed as has the universe in one
      state or another, pretty sure that it makes sense that everything has
      always existed and that nothing created it because it’s always been there
      whether in a single point like before the big bang or like now.

  3. What is the point to a man-made leaf? Does it still need watered etc or
    does it work in places that natural plants couldn’t survive(like places
    without oxygen)? You need to kill a real plant & extract something to make
    it anyway. What’s the benefit?

  4. Sending animals to space? Animal abuse.
    The dude is an artist, not a scientist. I saw no rate of conversion from
    CO2 to O or for how long the leaf lasts. Using a normal plant leaf or an
    array of algae might be better for all I know.


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