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    Girl Talk #3 I HAVE BAD CREDIT?

    Today’s topic/advice video is going to be about CREDIT. What is the importance of having good credit and how to build good credit as young adults we need to have this conversation?

    Hey guys welcome to my channel I’m Jael Aquarion and today I have a topic advice video about credit what is credit building a credit and some tips so I found a slide for you guys to go to after this video it’s called credit Sesame and basically this site is you can sign up for free and see your credit score no credit card needed it has a lot of personalized finance tips on the side it tells you what good credit is it rents the credit scores by number and it also has a place where you can look and see what credit cards you can be approved for what loans you can be approved for I really like the site it’s really easy to use and I feel like it’s so important to know what your credit score is and really start building it if you’re a young adult like me I know in schools like in high school I didn’t learn these type of things about credit and saving money is something like my mom taught me so I did want to bring my mom into this conversation and let her just talk about you know credit it opened up the conversation to you guys I feel like this is a topic that needs to be talked about but people don’t really talk about it so yeah on and I have my mom my friends call her miss Nicki so since my mom is on this video I just want her to give a little background about her about her education and all of that for you guys who may have questions about it so I’m like you know what’s your education background where did you come from that type of thing okay well I’m no financial expert I’ve just lived mmm 41 years and I’ve learned and I wanted to do always do better so I’m no expert and we don’t want to give any specifics for anyone and I just want to start small for the young people I have a master’s degree in nursing and so on a certified family nurse practitioner you see us in a community and doctors offices and things like that I work for the United States Public Health Service I’m the officer and so I work under the Surgeon General so that’s pretty much so no I’m not a funny person I am a nurse practitioner but I just like to work with young and a lot of my viewers are at the age where they’re growing up and this is a topic way to talk about so mom what is credit and why do we need it and what is it okay um well I think generally everybody knows what credit is everybody knows that you need credit to get your first apartment you need credit to get a car you need a credit to get credit cards but I think that learning how to establish your credit is the issue it doesn’t just happen when you all of a sudden you grow up and you say oh I want a car um then that’s when a lot of people figure out what credit is at that point is a little too late because young people new people everyone in the beginning has bad credit no credit equals bad credit they typically go together and that’s when you hear of a lot of people having to get people to co-sign for them and that’s just somebody to back them to say okay if they do not make their payment I will make it for them so that’s a scary thing you know you have your bills and you cosign for someone else to say that you’re going to make their payment if they do not so people do not take co-signing very lightly yeah because it can mess up their credit – or take away their money out of pocket yeah because they have to pay it what went what did you do with me for my credit um well I did start preparing early I want to say maybe around 16 or 15 um I use one of my credit cards and I added J Lo’s name to the crepe cart and so therefore every time I made a payment it was adding to her credit later toward her maybe when she started college and you know everyone starts getting those cards in the mail basically you all become you go to college and then they have these booths like get a credit card credit card it’s a yes it’s a disaster waiting to happen but what I did do is I opened up her a card and I put me as a cosigner put me on her card so um then what you start using it for gas yeah I will use it for like gas my mom be like okay well you can spin gas my own so I will only use it for gas and then when I went to college it was like oh you can use the car to buy groceries but it wasn’t like it was really my car she like allowed me to spend with her she wanted me to spend on it and then she would pay it back so um so I didn’t give her the freedom of the card so I was still responsible for the car but I knew it was to build a credit yeah and I had no clue about credit I’m just like okay my mom gave me a credit card this is an easier way for me to you know her to give me money or skin money I didn’t really know the back end of it until recently when we had the conversation about credit and why I need it well recently we had the conversation because I went to Best Buy and best I was like oh if you if you get a Best Buy card you get like 10% off or whatever and I’m like okay the guy was just talking about okay well let’s get a Best Buy card so I end up getting the card and it came in the mail to my mom’s house and my mom is like calling like why don’t you get a credit card I’m like I got a Best Buy card what are you talking about we’re going along just our Best Buy card and then that’s when the discussion came about credit and you know paying back money on time and all of that so if somebody wants to build their credit how do you do that it’s not just like paying money back but a certain way you do it right you know build your credit um let’s use easy numbers so we’re gonna use easy numbers just because they’re easy to follow so let’s say you get a credit card that’s three hundred dollars so you have a hardest credit cards $300 I would say I’m not saying that you you know you’re excited to get a car you might use it but then also have a plan of how you gonna pay the car down and so once you’re you get over to look excitement if you have me a little card then what I would I would like for you to do is to keep that card at only $100 on it let’s bring it back because you even confuse me a little bit okay so let’s start from the beginning you have a credit card with a $300 limit yes only spend $100 of that limit you don’t want to exceed the limit and we’re talking small numbers say you had a three thousand dollar limit I only spend a thousand dollars of your limit keep it at a thousand so don’t exceed because that’s showing that you’re responsible you’re not going above your means you know how to pay it back and then when you pay it back you just pay it back up the minimum payments right once you get to where your goal is then you can pay the minimum stay paying the minimum payments but that same car that you got that was only 300 can’t turn into that 3000 and 5000 and 10,000 if you keep paying it back you’re showing that you’re you’re good so yeah I think if a person who is just getting a credit card I think it would be beneficial to start just using it on gas or on groceries I haven’t been a big person well this because my mom taught me a big person of spending money I don’t have so whenever I spend money it’s because I have the money to spend it and but I’ve never really made a big purchase that I didn’t have the money and I had to pay back so if you get into the habit of you know only spending money you have you won’t get into the dilemma of spending three thousand dollars on a credit card and then trying to you know pay back $3,000 you don’t even have it and that will show that you’re responsible because you don’t really have the money you can’t really pay that money back fast and that’s how your credit can go downhill because it’s interest on you know credit cards and loans that you you know they get you you think it’s four thousand this turn ten thousand and then you have to pay all the money back because you you know was lollygagging with money so um yeah I think I mean that’s that’s the biggest art it’s not even that someone everyone has their own dynamics you know everybody comes from different households everybody has had different experiences so it doesn’t even mean if if your parents aren’t doing aren’t guiding you that way it’s still going to come a time to where even if it’s a secured credit card and you’ve heard of those where they’ll say that you go to your local bank and you have $300 in the bank they said okay so we’ll give you a credit card for $300 that still is sort of like they’re giving they’re giving you a chance to run credit it seems like they’re not doing anything for you but ultimately credit rules world yeah everyone uses credit yes even to get carded and me my mom were talking about this you know you see the the print ads and say like you know with the cars the zero you know or what is it um like you’ll see the commercials that’s like zero down will pay your first three payments payment $in the fine print it’ll say so credit scores greater than 750 yeah well getting everybody and it’s a little heartbreaking to go there and you really thought that you was trying to get a car that’s $289 a month and then come out and say well you can have the car for five hundred and forty dollars a month yeah yeah and then I think a lot of people don’t realize um you know we’re getting a house you have to have good credit it’s like as you get older you start realizing like dang I need good credit to get all the things that I want in life it’s not just I’m just gonna go get me a house or I’m just going to go get me a car I’m just going to go get me a credit card it’s not that you have to be you know these things have to be talking about so you know it um like I said I definitely didn’t as I’m getting older I’m realizing why is it so hard in life why is it so much stuff to be an adult to that’s funny it is a lot this is only a piece yeah this is only a piece but this is an important piece and I hope you do if one person gets something from it then that’s best worth the torture of j.lo doing my makeup so I hope this video helped you out in some way in the comment section let’s keep this conversation going let me know if you’re familiar with credit or if you did something that mess up your credit really bad and then you have to get it back on track or if you have any tips of what you did to build your credit let me know in the comment section also make sure you head over to credit Sesame comm to get your free credit score thus I could possibly help you start building your credit and it’s very easy to navigate has a lot more information than what was in this video so make sure you go over there if you were confused about something I’m pretty sure the site can explain it better and you can look at your credit score and like look at credit cards and loans and just all that so you can really get an idea of what credit is and what you can use it for and how much you can get with your credit score that type of thing and I’ll see you guys in my next one bye guys


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