Dating Someone With Kids, You Down Or Nah? | Breaking The Code | MadameNoire


Are you down, or nah? The crew discuss the rules of dating with kids in this episode of Breaking The Code. VISIT OUR SITE: On this episode …


  1. Cute!!!! As a parent I was skeptical but they were respectful and funny. I can honestly say in all my years of dating while parenting (my boys are almost 8), I have only had one guy say he doesn't date women with kids. I said good bye. Then Weeks later he hit me up like, I've thought about it, can we revisit this? Lol I told him nah it's all good.

  2. Maybe the interview should have had some parents on there. Speaking on dating with children they sound stupid. Dude said if the kid is cute, what does that have to do with anything

  3. My boy Monroe Martin. Holla at me bro. Surprised I haven't ran into you again…since we live around the same way. Oh well, maybe now, since it's getting warmer out.

  4. NO. I tried once, and it was a disaster, but dude had mad other issues included. I'm married now and childfree.  I'm good!

  5. if you have no kids… don't do it to yourself. This is has been the worse experience for me. is not healthy to be competing or having animosity towards a kid because men don't know how to wear condoms. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  6. I think parents should lead with that. This way they know what they're about to go into before they get into it. That should be established before any of you get comfortable with each other so it's easier to break away when the other person decides they're not ready for it.

    Me I wouldn't date a parent cause Im barely taking care of myself if it gets really serious I don't think I can handle a child. Now, that don't mean we can't still have sex. Momma needs some dick too. So I'll have sex with her but I can't date her. Not that anything is wrong with her. I'm not ready for that level of responsibility. which is why I practice safe sex at all times.


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