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  1. What about the women like me who have just 1 child, not expecting a man to be a father figure, or provide for the kid? My daughter has her father in her life and we dont have any drama since he chose not to be with me. I don't ask a man to be a dad to my kid. I just want a man for my own pleasure. Do guys ever think this?

  2. any man that dates a single mother is a simp, a mangina and a loser.

    and in the event you meet the father/s of your missus' children be prepared to have done self defense classes, taken boxing lessons or carry a concealed weapon cos its a high chance hes just come out of prison and wants to beat your ass to a pulp.

    single mothers are worthless wastes of space – they should have learned to have kept there knickers up. I know A Girl that gets pregnant to gang-bangers, jailbirds, wife/girlfriend beaters, and drug addicts every 2-3 years in order for her DPB not to be affected so she doesnt have to work a day in her life. She knows how badly these relationships end and how miserable she is each time she sleeps with these low-life wastes of space yet she continues doing it. These girls need to be rounded up and shot. Ive even told her i dont want anything to do with her despite her being an attractive white girl whom i otherwise share alot in common with. 

  3. Thinking about dating someone with kids? DON"T!

    Just don't. Even if you want kids, don't. Walk away. Be smart. I am stuck, forever, you don't have to be too.

    Dramatic bullshit 24/7

  4. Honestly what it really boils down to, no matter how many kids she may have, if she can support herself and her kids on her own then with that said it will likely be more of a facilitated endeavor to consider dating for a serious relationship. If she works low income occupation(s) I would refrain though as a morally driven person as I am I feel bad to convey that but from my own experience being a homeowner with three trucks, six figure income, multiple investments, very stable occupation, and high credit …… many of such women are just looking for a target/security blanket and ARE NOT worth a damn. Best advice if one is questioning others about it for their opinions or advice then it's already a wrap and should not be pursued.

  5. The fuck advice is this man.? If any advice is good, just tell these woman with the kids to wait for their kids to be 18 and on their own, before they start dating again. Before that they should concentrate on taking care of their kids and not looking for some guy to be their daddy.


  7. Hey man.. Not sure if you still viewing comments on this video being that it was 3 yrs ago but if you are .. I've been dating this girl for just about a year and she told me tonight that she went on a "" family dinner " with her son and ex. Just so that her son can see that her and father are friendly and aren't enemies, (the son is 4) she's worried that when her son grows up that he might resent her for not being friendly with his father.. Should I be concerned about this?

  8. Do not date, marry, have a relationship with a woman who has any children. You will not be first, or even close to that. You will be kept out of the lop in most things, you will be shared with the ex and his family. If you don't mind "Oh, I fogey to tell you…"because you are a second thought to the kid and the kid's family. Want your life to revolve a child and the child's desires? Then marry a woman with a child. Hate the ex in your life? Then you will regret the day you met the woman with a kid. How do I know this? I made the huge, giant, massive mistake, and I love my step-child. Your life will be nothing but trying to be happy. It will not come natural, because raising someone else's kid is not natural. I'm not talking about a widow, I am talking about a woman who could not hold her marriage together and failed at it. If you donut believe me, go ahead and proceed in your dating adventure, but I will be seeing you here, posting your own post on your (our) mistake. Don't say you were not warned.

  9. Yes I would date a girl with a child in actual fact I m dating one my question is I am now 29 so I feel I should get married to her would you say I m desperate just to have a beautiful wife cause I haven't dated that much and honestly I don't think she's the one but I can really see that she loves me

  10. I'm dating a man with a child and I am the type who would like to be his priority but after a yr And a half of dating him I am just starting to have a bit of hate for the child. I know it's horrible. I would never do it again

  11. I vowed that I wouldn't date anyone with a kid becuz it shows that girls either fucked up or dated an asshole and pushed away the good guys. Now I do want kids wen I'm older but with someone who will accept me and not betray me becuz I've over come some girls who betrayed me for an asshole, and now they have a kid and realized that they fucked up and want me back and I said no. So I ain't doin that shit unless it's my kid

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