Door Barricade NIGHTLOCK , Home Security Door Brace


NIGHTLOCK Door Barricade helps prevent door Kick ins, Burglary and Home Invasion. TESTED to withstand 1450 lbs of force. The Nightlock Original door brace retail for $39.95 and comes in 3 different finishes.

Tested by Engineering University , Flint,Mi.
Best Do It Yourself Home security solution.
Protect your family and property. Stop violent and desperate criminals before they enter your home.
Alarm systems just make noise and report burglaries,
Nightlock barricade helps keep them outside .
Nightlocks use the strength of the floor to protect your home.
The best floor mounted door brace available for single entry doors and double doors , french doors.

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  1. One question how the fuk r u gonna put that shit on if u have to put it on thro the inside ? Ok now go to work from 9-5pm…riddle me that

  2. That large piece of decorative glass is a huge mistake to have in your door, all someone has to do is break it out and they’re in.

  3. So three screwes with plastic anchors will keep a shitty wooden door in place after being kicked by a 130 kg burglar let's say. You have to be stupid to believe that. It prevents someone from sneaking in, at most, not from breaking in.


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