Ep #15 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Dating Women With Kids!


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  1. Dont deal with women who have children. As much as these women like to lie and say they arent looking for a father figure for their kids they know if a man gets involved with them they are going to get involved with their kids; so they are being deceitful out the box. You will be saddled with another mans kid or kids. Deal with women with no kids; date and fall in love with one get married THEN have kids and build your own family and legacy. You are not obligated to pick up the slack for the deadbeat these women CHOSE to open their legs and get pregnant by. You dont need the emotional and financial stress and strain. Let dudes with kids get with these women with kids and create a version of the brady bunch.

  2. Women don't want a good father figure to be in their children lives whether the man is the father or not the father. They want ain't shit guys

  3. The more you two work together the better the show gets. Y'all need to do some regular shows together. Lie the discussion at the beginning of this stream. That shit was comedic gold.

  4. One of the disadvantages is as a man you have to 1 Spend more money and 2 Deal with her Crazy X Boyfriend. I want my woman to myself. Last year in Chicago 3 young black men were killed by their girlfriends X boyfriends that were in gangs. So I would be afraid if I discipline some other mans child in a way he don't like. Is going to come through my door and shoot me. So when you date a woman with kids and she has an x boyfriends that like. You run the risk of even loosing your life.

  5. As much as 50% of African American females experience sexual abuse before they reach adulthood. This MAY be a result of absentee fathers with a potential consequence of disenchantment and hence, ambivalence, for single mothers. A child is a child, they're all deserving of worthy adult caretakers no matter their DNA. This topic stigmatizes women (and babies!) in an already disadvantaged position. By stating that she's "whorish", a word synonymous, IMO, with the word "bitch" that has no place in ANY contemporary man's vocabulary. A girl or woman is somehow troublesome or impure because of her role in a two-player game. Double standards and different rules. You want someone to claim you as a king, stop referring to your queens as bitches. Smh

  6. Children are the seed of Man and do not belong is the sole care and responsibility of women aka the lesser gender.
    If you don't like that truth and you steal children lioe a blasphemous witch then take it up with your creator.
    You whores of Babylon will pay dearly.

  7. My wife and I have that United Front that Brian spoke of. We have been together for 13yrs. When we got together her daughter was 3 and my son and daughter from my first marriage were 3 and 5. We have 2 son's together.

    We've always raised our kids United and have actually caught contention from our families for doing so.

  8. I've tried it a few times and won't do it again. There are a bunch of reasons, but the biggest one is that she will be my top priority in life but I will never be hers. As the saying goes: if a woman has kids… in her car, they ride in the backseat. But in her life, YOU are in the backseat.

  9. Don’t date or marry them if they have kids!!!! Man or woman your life will never b the same !!!!!!!!!! Them fuckin kids lie on you if they don’t like you I know from experience!!!!! It’s going to always be some damn drama with the the BM or BD don’t do it an some fucking men lie about they fucking kids won’t even tell you they have any !! Been threw that BS too! Save your self the headache don’t do it

  10. I feel so not loved here lol divorced and 2 kids. Youngest is 17. She would be happy if I would date , get a guy that is cool. lol What does that make me? lmao

  11. Ole boy married a single mom he had history with . He a beta male that was in the friend zone until baby daddy ran out on her . Lol
    Lil simp boy


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