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There is no big company there is no Bitcoin building regime not even a Bitcoin server anywhere that you could shut down it is completely distributed that’s what’s unique about Bitcoin it is for the first time a way for the two of us to exchange value online without a third party intermediary until the invention of Bitcoin for you and me to exchange money online we’ve had to employ third-party like PayPal Visa MasterCard but Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how to keep it can be Bitcoin is is better than currency in it you don’t have to have me physically in the same place and of course the large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient the customers we’re talking about aren’t trying to be anonymous you know they’re willing to be known so a Bitcoin technology is key and you could add to it or you could build a similar technology where there’s enough attribution that people feel comfortable this is nothing to do with terrorism or any type of money laundering earlier but Bitcoin and things like it is the equivalent of the red pill okay we are entering a completely world of uncharted water you made any investments and I mean I personally I own Bitcoin in my hedge fund I own Bitcoin in my fund I own Bitcoin in my private account it is a huge deal it’s a huge huge huge deal because what you’re talking about right now is for the next three to five years an unbelievably better store value it is gold right the value of gold that hedges the world economy about nine trillion dollars right 1300 an ounce of which only 100 to 150 dollars is the actual production value so all the rest of it is imputed where Lina you and I have decided that it’s worth 1,300 an ounce well guess what I can do the same thing with Bitcoin except now is I can do it outside the purview of every it’s being used everywhere where you would think it would be Russia Iran Iraq Egypt Venezuela Argentina everywhere where you have currency pressure everywhere where you want to basically shield your asset and then after that it’ll probably become a payment so in all of these three industries you’re talking about trillions of dollars of program of progress but Bitcoin I’m still predicting Bitcoin ten thousand dollars per Bitcoin in three years it’s a hedge against a lot of fiat currencies it’s a it’s a new way of transferring cash through throughout the world in a much more efficient way and and Bitcoin has created a whole infrastructure of many many companies some of which came out of boost the incubator and and those companies are being are creating this whole new culture this whole new way of thinking of coin training in a thousand two thousand five thousand ten thousand bricks block Pina does an excellent analysis he predicts that Bitcoin will capture between one and ten percent of the global forex market which implies a price of between 100 thousand to a million dollars per Bitcoin most of the people who are on the sidelines not buying Bitcoin today will start to buy Bitcoin when it gets over a thousand and then a greater percentage of people will definitely plow into Bitcoin will start get over ten thousand currency in the future or is it the payment system development bingo it’s the payment system it’s the blockchain encryption and there are interesting things I think Bitcoin or the really blockchain encryption that’s behind it has a greater ability to bring more of the world’s population out of poverty than anything we’ve seen in for once an eg payment system for one thing it’s a cheap payment system but it’s more important than that it’s more important than that park chain cryptography is all about digital transfer of ownership in a completely transparent and public point is something that you’ve been interested in and supportive of in fact one can pay for a tour on Virgin Galactic up to the moon with Bitcoin I think the the Winklevoss twins have said that they would do exactly that I think this is a currency a currency that’s really going to work eventually I think it is working and there will be other currencies like it that may maybe even better but in the meantime and there’s a big industry around Bitcoin and you know people have made fortunes as it going some of the last minute Bitcoin we must be pee-eww people don’t know so I suggest that everyone go back to buy one Bitcoin not them not too much owning wise enough if everyone is worded people just to go back by one Bitcoin you know the Bitcoin when you would go to the $1,000,000 when the Bitcoin we have $1,000,000 you know the all around the world it won’t be crazy and everyone will be the follow and the other due to currency just to be you know we grant it sounds a bit coin so for me I think for a lot of people they don’t exactly understand why why is Bitcoin there is trying to find out this Bitcoin may be do you think you pensive where I find out another way I doing Mikey not doing the new thing but I think okay you just stopped it there go back the Bitcoin will be the great in the future there’s going just first of people doing a list of things in the dark side of the internet like real pro I know it’s not just for that I think that’s definite piece of what Bitcoin allows and so of course is why law enforcement regulators are interested in addressing that but right now you have Microsoft Dell you have any nighted way the Red Cross thousands of other merchants who accept Bitcoin and I think again more than just payments in the future we’re going to see cross-border settlement of different kinds of account we’re going to see different kinds of micro transactions impossible before it’s not just about the dark web it’s about the future of Commerce I think it’s going to grow in value over time simply because the use of the technology is going to grow and there’s a thick supply of Bitcoin it’s as a result I think the value doesn’t want to grow Bitcoin as currency on the Internet peer-to-peer managed by the participants in it is the perfect libertarian solution to the money in it [Music] you you

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