Homeschool Curriculum Review: BJU Press World History


Hi friends!

My oldest son used BJU Press World History during the 2016-2017 school year. He was in 10th grade when he used this program.

In this video I give you a closer look at the student text, teacher manual, tests, and test key.

I am working on more homeschool curriculum review videos and will post them as I'm able.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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  1. How much religion was in the writing? Was it a little or a lot? I don’t mind a lttle, but some curriculum can have a lot in it. Also I love watching your videos. Just curious if you didn’t use a textbook with your son what would you have used for world history? My son has to take that this coming school year and I dread the textbooks, I want a different experience for him. Thanks

    • just look for history based literature. im trying to think for high school boys. when your doing different times in history look for different things. um autobiographies, novels about that time.

    • Lee Lee, my son’s opinion is that the religious references are overly done, but they’re not offensive to him. Although both of us are Christians, we think the references are unnecessary, so one must be able to filter things to their liking. My son and I are used to doing this with BJU since we’ve been unable to find a better fit for us. Some might find it to be burdensome while others might welcome the references and find them to be as important as the historical references themselves. It’s just a matter of opinion.

      You sound like you’re wanting a literature-based program. BookShark gave us materials to use with my younger boys last year. It’s a wonderful literature-based history program that is faith-neutral. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ve developed a high school level World History program yet. 🙁

    • One option is beautiful feet books which is literature based curriculum that has history for high school level. Also check out which is secular literature based curriculum although right now I believe it only goes to 9th grade but you could check to see when future grades will be released if interested.

    • Kandy, those are great suggestions! I haven’t used any of those materials, but I’m sure there are plenty of reviews out there if anyone is looking for more information. Thanks for joining the conversation!!! 🙂

    • yeah our son is only 6 months old and still being breastfeed. i thought you couldnt get pregnant while breast feeding. i told my husband he better behave or ill drag him to the dr to get a vasectomy

    • gods plan for us isnt always our plan. and thank you. im hoping for another boy honestly. my husband is happy i dont think he really wanted for me to get my tubes tied, but felt in the end it was my decision.

  2. This does not relate to this video at all, but I just wanted to ask about Apologia’s Biology and Chemistry. The Biology gave your son a lot of knowledge for when he went to public school in 9th grade. I was wondering if you purchased the student notebook, and how did you use the program?
    In terms of chemistry, I know you did not use them the past year so I only have a brief question, about how much did they weigh when they came in the mail?
    Is it necessary for the lab kit to be purchased?
    I know Apologia is faith-based, but does it take over the actual content of the information?
    I would love to know. Thank you Candice!

    • Hi Bethany! We did purchase and use Apologia’s Biology notebook for my son. It’s not necessary, but it sure is convenient. We used the program according to the schedule (found in the front of the student notebook) except that we did 2 lessons per day in order to finish the course in a single semester.

      I’ll have to wait to answer your question about the Chemistry lab kit since we haven’t completed the course yet. I’m not sure of the weight of the materials as we ordered so many things at once, and they were shipped together in a giant box.

      In my opinion, Apologia does a good job of not allowing religious references to overshadow the actual scientific content. They are much better at it than BJU (again, just my opinion).

    • Thank you Candice! I asked the questions then I found your review on the program for Biology. I know a lot more about the program now to purchase it. I will be purchasing the Chemistry and try it out. We might share our opinions of the programs later 🙂
      May I know if TT Geometry is up to the level of the course, do you suggest using something else?

    • I really hope Aplogia’s programs are a good fit for you. We’ve found them to be pretty solid programs so far.

      Teaching Textbooks is one of those companies I’ve had mixed feelings about. For the most part, I think of their programs as behind–even though they all seem to get mixed reviews. TT Geometry seemed to have better reviews than some of their other levels, so we went for it. I think it was a good fit for my son. Math isn’t his strongest subject, and TT Geometry was just challenging enough for him. I’ve never used anything else for Geometry, so I can’t compare it to anything. We’ve already purchased TT Algebra 2 for next year, but again…it gets mixed reviews. I talked to a homeschool mom a couple of months ago who had her daughter complete the program, and she gave it a good review. Her daughter is advanced in math, so I was thinking it might seem too easy for her, but that wasn’t their experience. I guess we’ll see for ourselves…

    • May I know how long it took your 10th grade son to finish a lesson in TT? Please give me your best estimate. Thank you Candice!

    • It usually took him about an hour. If he didn’t understand something, he’d look on YouTube, Khan Academy, etc. I would help him on the white board if he needed me. We also watched the explanation for any missed problems.

  3. Did you feel that the review properly prepared him for the test or did you need to review the the test first to see what was on it and go back into the chapter and make sure he had learned what would be tested? thanks

    • The chapter reviews really didn’t seem very thorough. That’s why I had him do the student activities pages in the back of the book as review. I never look at the test before test time. I like to see what my son can learn on his own without memorizing information just for the test. I feel like that makes me seem like a mean mom…but the tests aren’t everything to me. His daily work counts too. 🙂


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