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Come learn all about loop scheduling and planning with my new free planner! I'll teach you how to create your own loop in just a few minutes!

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  1. I am not.a homeschooling mom but do implement many educational daily routines. time, dates, days of the week, money management… alphabet etc… great video. tfs

  2. I LOVE the lesson planning pages. I am one that is scrambling in the morning going “oh we were supposed to mummify an apple today?” Huh… we have no apples. Guess we’re not doing that. I can keep up with the paperwork part of everything (worksheets, pages, books, etc.) but the projects I’m having a hard time making sure I have everything I need.

  3. I am so excited I found you and this look planner I think this is really going to help me i have one starting first and one prek thanks for sharing I will be sticking close to you lol

  4. great video thank you making it out! Do you the all of the core subjects every day or do you just pick and choose? Also when writing down the frequency do you write a number for how frequent you want to Did not weekly or is there no time?

    • umm suhaylah diallo We do all of our core subjects daily. When writing frequency you just wrote how often compared to other subjects you want to get it in. Like for us we want to make sure we do history and science more than geography and nature studies so I put 2 for them. You are on no time frame which is the great thing about loop scheduling!


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