House of Cards | Season 5 Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix


One nation. Underwood. House of Cards returns May 30 on Netflix.


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House of Cards | Season 5 Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix


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      colony, Senate will serve as a “no crossing” line for Trump so he won’t do
      anything unnecessary, btw didn’t you forget to drink Boyarishnyk? And why
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    • +memberHD Hello! I’m not sure why based on my write up that I would want
      Trump. I did say I would pick Underwood over him and I listed the reasons
      why. Not picking a fight, just don’t understand. Thanks!

    • +Robin Pal
      You do understand my family are immigrants. How can I be racist and why
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    • +ozgur5994 yeah, hopefully he isn’t going to destroy everything. Even
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