How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work in 2018 (Full Presentation)


How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work in 2018 and The Key to Get Your Videos More Suggested on YouTube! A/B Testing, Average View Duration, and Triggering True Engagement.

Part 1: YouTube Algorithm Revealed –

Part 2: Suggested Video Views –

Part 3: Data Triggers –

Part 4: True Engagement –

The full playlist :

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  1. O keep getting recommended videos in all kinds of different languages. Their algorithm is sucking right now. I have about 57 screen shots of videos in all kinds of different languages.

  2. Hello Derral, i have a question and please answer me. How many month i will wait so the copyright strikes will expire?? Please answer me

  3. So………….Nicely Explained…

    Many things I mesmerized so many Data….& core information on you tube Algorithm
    Than you Derral Eves

  4. This is wonderful/beautiful! a light bulb just clicked in my mind! Thank you for the REAL content! Everyone watch the whole thing through, hopefully you'll come up with some good ideas!

  5. Hey Derral, love it! Tell me, do you have a checklist or blog post that shares the specific things you can do to take advantage of these changes in the YouTube Algorithm?

  6. Hey Derral 🙂 i know this is maybe not related to this specific video but i still wanted to ask someone who works a lot with Youtube.

    Is it possible for me to select all my videos i have and remove all mid roll (automatic added) ads from my videos?
    Can i do this by removing monetization on all of my videos and then add back monetization will this reset all ad breaks so i can start and do it fresh for all my videos and bulk add it for every single video because i feel like automatic mid roll ads hurts my channel since i added it not long ago.

    I just want to have ads at start of videos now

  7. I found you’re channel after watching you with Nick Nimmin. I am just starting out with my channel so doing lots of research. Thanks for the great content. I found your video really useful. Keep it up. I just subscribed

  8. Hi Derral Eves, I just seen your video "How to Report a Copyright Complaint in YouTube – DMCA". The video is in 360p quality. It would be helpful for the community if you can make a clear version of the video and also including how to copyright timestamps & custom thumbnails. This is just a suggestion 🙂 Thank you!


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