How To Build A Loyal Community On Youtube with Tim Schmoyer


Looking to grow your YouTube Channel, Tim Schmoyer explains was to grow a loyal community on YouTube.

I am here with the man the myth the legend himself or longer miss I’m here oh yeah Wow but today we’re going to actually talk about growing a loyal community so if you’re interested in this stay tuned hey guys girlies here now I’m with the man tim schmoyer Eze and today we’re going to talk about a loyal community  how do you actually build that on YouTube so yeah give us some tips so maybe you guys have seen the channels where like you look at it and the video quality is really poor and like you can’t figure out like why is there a million people on this channel like it looks lame root food yeah and you’re like oh like that mic want my materials way better like I’m more professional or whatever right and it turns out that things that grow YouTube channel have mostly not just like video production although those things are important but mostly has to do with like with copy creators or growing channels about the human connection that you establish and you and you build with your audience

it’s more like it’s more about that emotional response so how do you get an emotional response from viewers today they start to not they go from being like indifference to being interested then maybe passionate and now like totally completely engaged in like a loyal diehard fan of your content how does that happen so there’s seven different things that you guys can start doing and considering for your channel the first thing that someone needs in order to start liking you and your content is they need to know your story as like who are you where did you come from you know it could be something as simple like where were you born it could be something more detailed as far as like you know what’s the struggle you’re going through whatever but they have to know who are you where’d you come from what’s your background and things like that so a lot of content creators will do like I draw my life where they kind of tell their whole story of why they started on YouTube

and kind of some personal challenges that they have and obstacles and the goals that actually have to it it’s been really successful a lot of people and the others you know they might put a video together that that really encapsulate why the on YouTube and kind of some of their hobbies and goals and what the purpose of the channel yeah and not every video is going to make natural sense for the teller story but there’s whenever you have an opportunity just to kind maybe allude back to something or just like oh yeah I have this experience reminds me of that whatever you just integrate it as much as you can that’s the first thing the second thing is then what is your creed that it’s like what do you believe now in order for people to stand with you you have to stand up for something yourself like right like if you’re not if you don’t stand for anything people cannot stand with you for that thing right so so what is it what is it that you believe that that’s compelling you to talk about the thing in your channel or to make this type of content the strongest communities whether offline or online they don’t revolve around common interest they actually revolve around shared beliefs absolutely

so if you if you find out like their and I both believe like hey YouTube’s a great opportunity to change people’s lives okay now we’re both like it’s not only retracting people to our audiences that believe that with us but now we do collaboration together we work together better because of that shared belief so your audience need to know what you believe why are you doing this what is your motivation and and then once they understand that then you can either train them to believe that with you if they’re a blank slate snack or you might eliminate a bunch of people and the people who do join you are the people who are supposed to be part like those are the people they’re the hardcore follows these are people that like really get what you’re doing and your content resonates with them so one of the biggest lessons I learned on the Creed and really sticking to your beliefs on this is when I was working with the piano guys and I started with them to really be found on YouTube and the cellist on the piano guy Steven sharp Nelson we were trying every little thing to you know be noticed and have people kind of share our videos

well at the end of the video you have you have bloopers and outtakes there was actually a scene that we recorded for one of the videos where they actually had a fight scene and it was the the pianist versus the cellist and you know they’re slamming the face in the piano and they’re taking the bow to the cello and just kind of fighting back from there it was like literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube why because it was like the opposite of what the piano guys was and when I’m ready like this is like Internet gold but this is going to go viral you know everything there and to the comment of this Steven sharp Nelson who’s kind of like the leader of the piano guys he doesn’t really say is but it kind of is he’s like no you know what this totally goes against with what we’re trying to do yet funny but we’re trying to inspire and uplift people through music and through video yeah and so let’s cut it and I’m like oh that’s like gold

but I learned then that’s when you know people could resonate with that and it would it would literally offend people yeah you know the type of content yeah yeah totally so what you believe is really important and so you might look at maybe what you’re doing in YouTube you’re like hey there’s no belief behind this like we’re just doing debt management software right like that’s really boring but what if it’s actually not less it’s less about the software or more about like giving people hope giving people freedom right like that’s the belief that’s behind our maybe you’re doing like a beauty channel I okay I just teach people to do makeup I don’t know I’m pointing at you my like like I supposed to makeup on every day no but what if it’s actually less about makeup and more about giving women confidence right or or what if like Disney

for example Disney parks like oh it’s not just about roller coasters maybe it’s about bringing families together and giving them that shared like remember when conversations they’re going to have right what I just have a gaming channel like all we do is play what if it’s not about the video games and more it’s more about like the people who are sitting in cubicles who hate their jobs if a boss is telling them what to do all day and then they get home and they feel like ah I have control I feel like I have life-and-death control now over something that’s happening you know it’s just a game but to them like that’s what’s giving them my finish there’s actually about something deeper than just the game just the makeup just the debt management just whatever there’s always something deeper and that’s what the creature that around be crit that really is that it is the secret to really getting a community of people that really think like minded or they like oh I connect with that yeah an audience yeah so so the third thing then is the icons and these are going to be things that just represent what people love about you and and think that people get to see regularly so here’s an icon for Tim Schmoyer the Hat the Hat yeah it always has I did already goatee used to be the gold Iquitos like I said okay classically-trained shirt it’s not that’s iconic right it is iconic item three of those shy – how 30 my wife like you really like the color black right yesterday so other examples though let’s say rhettandlink

you know good mythical morning their background other videos totally iconic right if that wasn’t there you’d be like whoa something’s wrong here with this with this right so you get you get the icons and the fourth thing are the rituals and these are the repeated interactions that people grow to love and expect with your brand so for example you know brofist right what is that you guys are many of you guys who watch PewDiePie you know wants to does throw this at the end or what about those of you guys who watch kiichi nice that you know maybe your ritual is every video has a sort time-lapse of beginning with some hip-hop music right it’s not classical music it’s not pop music like that’s a repeated interaction a repeated ritual what about like into a wagon as’ and darkness and metal you know they can’t open Toby Turner or how about the vlogbrothers every video good morning Jon you already hey he wants to love you can videos so you get but these are all channels that are successful and you’re going to see a lot of these things as common themes in them so those those rituals are really important absolutely so with rituals and also when you have your Creed there are a lot of people that aren’t going to like what you’re doing yes and some of these trolls will go in the comments and people are like do it we don’t really like what you’re doing yeah and that’s number five

you actually need the haters you need the non-believers because going back to our principles if you don’t stand for something no one can stand with you well these are the people who don’t want to stand with you right because they don’t believe what you believe they don’t represent what you represent like their their story it is not aligned with your story and you actually need those people is a great example of this a popular creator on YouTube Joey Graceffa and he has a vlog where he is he’s parked his car in front of some guy’s driveway to remember this there we go and and he’s like totally making fun of the guy in his video he’s like my car was just like a little bit over or you know like his driveway I can’t believe he had a towed everything well the guy who actually had his car towed who Joey’s was in front of his driveway happens to be a stand-up comic in LA and discovers who Joey is goes on YouTube makes a video it goes huge on reddit for like 4 million views and he’s like actually Joey here’s what happened he shows like pictures of the car completely covering his driveway and just rip them to shreds in a really hilarious kind of way so what happened is all the people who are not part of Joey’s community love that video shared it they all rallied together all of joeys fans came to his defense in the comments you can just see until today all the comments in there of his fans like defending him and sticking up for him and what happened that’s actually one of the best things I think that could have happened for him because that’s what solidified his audience does like now they have a common rallying point they like they have a reason to link on their car wherever he wants to park a car vacant they’re standing against something so it’s not just what you stand for but you also have to stand against something and that’s that opposition is what has Greg helps communities grow even tighter than they were before we don’t we just look at politics for that example to call polarization generation marketing it ress it’s bad but it works so if you have haters in the comments of your videos that means you’re standing for anything I have a ders haters yeah I get haters all the time but like cool thing you’re fat I’m like I know in your eyes oh no and but the cool thing is when you have a commute people who stand with you oh yeah you’ll have like all these people like maybe jumping in and being and sometimes like those comes get some down so fast from you or from guys of his channel but on my channel it’s sometimes a fast they end up going to spam or something anyway you know and that’s when you know you have an awesome community even I kind of take your terms yeah and so what’s next Tim Schmoyer so the sixth thing then is are the sacred words so these are the the the lexicon the words that you that you people in your community know that kind of identifies them as like an insider on your commute so for example dftba don’t know what that means you know yeah guys you know if you don’t know dftba means if you’re not a part of the vlogbrothers channel right don’t forget to be awesome that’s what that stands for so or any or anytime now you see the nerdfighteria like that’s it that’s like that’s the term or or Bros you know my bros you know be like PewDiePie beardlovers would be Craig from wheezy waiter right or moosers would be okay yeah it’s way too beneath you can videos they tell you or you go to Starbucks I don’t drink coffee but you go there and everything’s a different language so I go in there someone’s orders a cup of coffee they speak a different language I don’t know what a gone day whatever but it speaking with our channels too when you’re talking YouTube specifically yeah sure like what it was like when while watching this I don’t know what this is but it seems nice yeah yeah nice Carol so you need to have some of these things don’t force it on your audience right I often like what is I let the audience stuff identify some of these things on their own and you start seeing the comments they start like labeling themselves maybe giving themselves a name things like that but you also want to make it so that other people who want to join the community can still do that you know without feeling like excluded for the rest of the rest of their lives so those sacred words really important and then the last thing is the leader and that is who is the story about that we are going to rally behind this person’s story they are facing the opposition that we’re facing and they are the guy that’s leading us through whatever like and often that might be you because it’s your face on camera generally is yeah it could be like a puppet if you do a puppet show if you’re doing like episodic content would be like the main character of the story that to the leader is and that person is really important also now these codes are really really important and you can actually find them in a book by Patrick Hanlon it’s book called primal branding now what I always do is when my client comes on I get a brand new client like you have to read this book because once they wrap their head around it then it’s really easy for them to understand why I’m asking them to do the things that I haven’t do on YouTube yeah what you say absolutely I was like required reading go through it and then figure out ways you can integrate each one of those pieces of the primal code into your videos as you develop your channel excellent all right guys now before you go in the comments below go ahead and put your thoughts on primal branding do you have all the codes kind of working for you if you don’t which ones are you actually lacking because that’s really important to know and we’ll have a great discussion there I want to thank Kim for coming on the channel today and we’re actually using his camera setup you can actually find a video right now on his channel all about the elements that you need to do to succeed on YouTube there’s elements that everyone kind of misses out on or they focus on other things so it’s really really important you can find it somewhere here on this video and go ahead and have an effective day bye ciao


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