How To Build A Loyal Community On Youtube with Tim Schmoyer


Looking to grow your YouTube Channel, Tim Schmoyer explains was to grow a loyal community on YouTube.
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  1. Oh I am definitely interested in this! Growing a community is my main goal. Really helpful information here! Thanks, guys!

    • Niamh-Creates Hey can someone check my channel out? I make commentaries/ranty vids! I am almost on 100 Subscribers so can someone help me out by staying active and giving feedback and subscribing on my channel thank you!

  2. My viewers are going away. It had never happened like this before, but I will keep going no matter what. Thank you for this video 🙂

  3. ive watch alot of your vids so i can see you know your YT stuff and might be able to help me out.

    my vid says it cant be played in some countries and ive filed the thing on it waiting for response. but if i make it pubic now will it just be blocked in some countries or will it give me a strike or something like that?

  4. I am sure a lot of new content creators are having the same problem as me. You spend the time to make good videos and good thumbnails, tag the video properly and upload consistently but still are getting little to no views and all the sudden subscribers stop coming in Derral if you have the time I would please like some suggestions to get my channel growing even more.

    • Toys And Kids you can but in a lot of cases the comment is flagged to the channel owner, and it is their decision whether to show the comment or not. A lot won’t allow the comment to be seen because it is considered uncool to advertise your video on someone else’s channel. On my channel I allow links to other videos if it is posted by someone who interacts with us regularly. If it is a random link by someone I don’t know I will block it.

  5. Very good Derral.  Changing the topic, how do you copy a video from one of your channels to another.  Regards Charlie

  6. how much someone pays in taxes for money you receive with donations (youtube super chat, patreon , crowdfunding in general)? they go with the normal income/revenue, or you do it in separately? if someone can help I will relly appreciate

  7. What was the name of the book you recommended? I rewound it video multiple times and I can’t get it correctly

  8. Great video, but I jacked the speed up to 1.25. Why does everyone speak so slowly in videos? It sounds like you’re explaining things to slow 8 year olds. Not just you, everyone seems to do this.

  9. I have a question. Should tags be honest or use most popular things as tags? Because you could just hope people click on your videos because THEY saw it and THEY decided to watch it


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