How To Buy ANY Cryptocurrency In India (NO FEES)


What is going on snipers tube 9 hallo, baby here This is your best place for cryptocurrency news updates tutorials and more this video is going to be geared towards our Indian Viewers today, I have a lot of Indian fans and viewers And I want to just kind of address a question that I continuously get and that question is How do we efficiently trade with no fees here in India and how can we even trade another sort of? Altcoins, so I’m gonna cover all of that today in this quick very simple tutorial I’m also going to leave several other websites in the description below that you can utilize if some of these websites Don’t really match or suit you This is my favorite website to start with if I were to trade in India I would use coin Delta And that is gonna be just a Google search of coin, Delton You can pop this up here if you do live in India here.

They have very low fees as a matter of fact They have a 0% in makers fees so if you look at our G Dax Platform that we utilize here in the United States and other countries throughout the world to trade without any fees they have the same exact system here if you utilize a Limit order you pay no fees whatsoever to purchase any one of these coins here So we’ve got access to Bitcoin Bitcoin cash aetherium white coin omni’s go cute Um and ripple, so there’s quite a bit of coins, which is why I recommend this and it also has 24/7 support So that’s always a good thing especially when trading in cryptocurrency market So I’m gonna leave the link of coin Delta in the description below You can go ahead and sign up there once you purchase your Bitcoin what you can do is you can transfer your Bitcoin and Create a poly mix or even a cracking account both of these are US based exchanges I believe Kraken is US based it may be Somewhere else, but for the most part you can trade most coins on these exchanges as you can see here These are all the coins available here on Kraken all of the pairings that you have and then on poly next you have another type of Pairing that you can utilize here, there’s different coins on each exchange But what you’ll do is you’ll just send your coins from coin Delta or any one of your Indian exchanges To one of these exchanges, and then you can start trading All of these other coins and have access to them so fees will be a little bit higher in Pali Nixon cracking And you know sometimes I know cracking it has a little bit of lifetime I would start with politics, but that is pretty much the best way to utilize trading in India I know it’s a very simple and short tutorial, but if you guys have any questions I’d love to help out leave it in the description below.

I hope this could add some value to some of you guys I appreciate you guys watching this video and until our next video snipers out.

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