How to Delete a Video From Youtube


How to Delete a Video From Youtube- Deleting a video from YouTube is simple, watch to see just how easy it is!

Hey, Derral here. So you’re trying to delete a video off of your YouTube channel, right? Well in this video I’m going to show you how simple it really is to delete that video from your channel forever. Stay tuned. Alright, to delete that YouTube video the first thing that you need to do is to go to your Video Manager to find the video that you want to delete. So let’s go ahead, click on the upper right-hand corner, mouse over to video manager and you’re going to see the video right here. All you need to do is select this box, come to actions here and hit delete. This is going to bring up this dialog box here and all you need to do is hit Yes, delete. And it’s gone! Simple, right? Well, guess what?! I’ve got a secret for you. Subscribing to my channel is even easier.

Than deleting a video from YouTube. Can you believe that? All you’ve got to do is click on this big red button right here. Right here. See? I told you so, pretty easy.

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