1. Hello sir I have youtube account but now I want to delete but I forget my password and I don’t no how I can delete so plz sir if you help me to delete my account so I will be contact you I live in dubai ya you send me your contact number ya I will send you my number plz sir replay me I waiting for your replay plzzzz sirf help me

  2. If you have a mobile phone go to your settings and press on accounts and go to your Google accounts and delete witch one you want to delete.That is how you delete your youtube account on a mobile phone. It worked on my Samsung phone.

  3. hello, in youtube several years ago i had old account where i uploaded a video related to crowdfunding. now i want to delete that account with video. the problem , i dont remember neither that Email nor the password to sign in and delete. Anyway, what can i do to delete that video?


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