How to Instantly Recharge Batteries


Ever want to charge your rechargable batteries quickly? Here's how you can recharge them in a matter of seconds!
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  1. So I’ve been wondering, in the past you used to pronounce your name
    “Th-Eye-Oh-Joe” but now you’ve sort of changed it to “Thee-Oh-Joe”.
    I was just wondering what made you decide to change the pronunciation? I
    always called it “Thee-Oh-Joe” but that’s probably just due to me being

  2. ican do this with even a non rechargeable battery in normal temp…what is
    true to science would be run one of these against a normal battery charged
    of the same make

    • Hell no I try to do what this YouTube says and all my battery was look like
      about 1ft tall I was like wtf what happen..

  3. Thanks Joe, worked so well I was able to quit my job and make more money
    recharging industrial batteries for local Fortune 500 companies and your
    video helped me get all my new work done in only moments per week. I was
    blessed and now cursed with the second part to your hint, you know, the one
    where after the quick charge is complete you put them in a 410 degree oven
    to make them last exponentially longer?….Well, now I have not had a
    repeat charge customer in months. Thanks for that…

  4. Orrr you can by enough batteries for back up while you are recharging the
    dead ones. Then swap them out when the back ups die and need recharging.
    crazy right?

    • Right this YouTuber didn’t even tell us that we need a charger to charge
      are battery’s this dude/YouTuber is so dumb I think he is using his little
      brother YouTube account lol he is using his brother account tho lol!!


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