How To Steal A Woman From A Guy She’s Talking To


Let’s be clear, this is not about how to steal a girl away from her boyfriend or how to break up a relationship. It is for when you see a guy who is talking to a girl …


  1. If you see a guy hitting on a girl and she is obviously not interested
    than go up and simply say you are her boyfriend.
    Either she will play a long because you seem more interesting than
    the other guy or you will stand there like a fool.
    But after all youve displayed that you have balls, confidence
    and you might get out with a great story or even a potential date.
    What do you have to lose?

    -Personal Power, makes self improvement videos

  2. This stealing-someone-else's-date is exactly why the pick-up "artists" have a bad name…..

    Really disappointed that you encourage that behavior Tripp.

    It's not about "working hard," it's about being a decent person.
    Respecting a girl who is having fun is being a decent person, as is saving a girl whose time is being wasted.
    "May the best man win" is bullshit. It's an excuse for experienced "players" to demoralize the guys who've just started using your programs.

    If you wanna get a girl, walk up to that guy and give him a tip, or tease them with being cute together.
    Every girl in the club will see that you are expressing a mentality of abundance, that you understand her plight, and that you're a helpful person.
    Now THAT will make them wanna start a conversation with you!

  3. Walk up to the guy and pull out your light saber and say: "it's treason then".
    After that, do a 720 degree spin in the air with screeching.

  4. Heh, with overpopulation of men these days the only way to get a girl these days is to try and steal her from the boyfriend.

  5. PRO TIP: Disregard everything the beta in the video said. Just walk up to the guy and girl, shoulder check the guy and ask the girl if she is "still down with the shitting on my chest thing later?" Before she can answer, stare into the other guy's eyes with your meanest kill face on, and ask him why the fuck he is standing so close to you. He should take off out of fear of getting head-butted. Then, look at the girl like she's a rib-eye, and ask her to buy you a drink. Thank me later.

  6. I guess I'm an asshole because I slept with many girls who had boyfriends.Most of those boyfriends from the girls perspective is a asshole or a beta male chode who doesn't takein charge or doesn't have his shit together.Good times

  7. Hey Bro, I love your videos they have helped so much to improve my confidence with girls and also helped me to improve my English when I talk with girls. I'm still learning how to speak English sometimes when I talk with girls I get stuck in a conversations. Girls seems like they love me when I talk with them. Any advice how can improve my everyday conversation with girls? Cheers !!

  8. I do not think the title of this video is accurate.

    It is more about how to not perceive guys women are talking to as bf / competition and give yourself the chance to see the reality and approach/connect with them.

    Very useful /must have skill in socializing as attractive girls will have guys around them nonstop who are not their lovers/bfs.

    At the end of the day you cannot steal someone as you cannot own anyone.

  9. Hey trip I'm in high school and I wanted to know how often should I ask a girl out because I have asked her to come over to hang out and she couldn't I asked her to grab lunch and I'm thinking about asking her over this weekend to make up for the last time is this alright

  10. how does to deal with society most people think that to answer "how they know each other" is a privacy and they tend not to be open, tripp?


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