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i’m syreena and i’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to three amazing children & wife to an amazing man. my first calling is to my family and i take my job so very seriously. this is our channel where we document our adventures in homeschool/life here at Faith & Love Adventure Academy!






  1. I love these two series … they are great ! And I love the time line idea … are you using folders to great a big floor time line ?

    • thanks mama. to be honest i am not exactly sure just yet LOL. i am thinking that i want the timeline to be visible at all times so i am thinking of lining it up on one of our walls. ill be sure to share while I’m figuring out what will work best.

    • I’m really excited about it. just have to find the best way to display it now. guess we all shall see what works and what doesn’t. ill be sure to share.

  2. Yay! You are doing great sis! Keep it up! The “Who Was” books are a great resource. We use them as well in our homeschool. I am just beginning to enjoy teaching history now. I have a set way to do it using a spine and pulling from resources here and there. Sometimes I use a boxed curriculum (it is according to which season of life we are in) like this year I have a 2 year old and we are using one, but, I add my own personalizations to make it work for us. We have a biblical approach as well and we start with an overview geographical study of Africa, US States and Capitals, Continents and Oceans (K – 2) then unto focused study in world history, world geography, early american history, late to modern american history (3-6). This is how it has worked out for my family so far. My high school son will start with World Geography (9th), World History (10th), American History (11th) and Government & Economics (12th). Keep the videos coming, as I am enjoying watching them!

    • YES! i love all of this, so helpful… wait… have you posted lately, i need to check 🙂 doing “what works for us” changed my whole entire homeschool and we LOVE it. thank you so much for your support and encouragement. i need it more than you know 🙂

  3. Great line up! My boys love magic tree house books they are great for sparking interest and they have facts tracker books which tell only the facts about the topic or person! I love the time line idea! I’m still working on how to bring a timeline into our homeschool. Like you history has never been something I was interested in so it’s a little hard for me to make it fun too!

    • i totally just looked them up and found them at my library!!!!! thank you so much for the suggestion. i haven’t figured out how i will display our timeline but i think i have a general idea. I’m sure we can get through this together LOL. i have also been looking into the good and beautiful history program and i think i am really interested in it. for now i will just be sticking to my plan and taking things one step at a time. 🙂 thanks for sharing!!!

    • That’s great! I use the story of the world as our history spine. It’s great very thorough and interesting, but I still have to put in a good bit of planning and pre-learning since history was always a big puzzle that I’m still trying to put together! I tried to do timeline books and a long lapbook with my boys back in September 2016, but they had no interest in cutting, pasting, coloring. So I shelved it and started looking into book of a century (charlotte mason style) but I’m still figuring it out myself. But for now we just more forward with history and one day it will all come together! I wish I had the tech savy brain to make videos and share what we have tried, but I’d be kinda embarrassed of all our fails, but we are still learning and that’s what it’s all about making mistakes and growing in wisdom and knowledge! I’m very thankful for youtube it has been a great help in our homeschool!


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