iOS 10.3 public beta


The best new features coming to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the latest iOS update.


  1. Miss iOS 6….iOS 10 sucks…runs slow, features sucks, and just isn’t what
    it used to be. Miss you Steve! Miss you Scott!

  2. They need to add an option to separate the ringer volume and the sound of
    individual options like the facetime ringer on even though you have the
    sounds off for messages, notifications etc. Kinda how in Android you can
    turn off notifications and even clicking and lock sounds off but still be
    able to have the ringer on. This s one part of Apple that annoys me, that I
    like in Android devices. Having those sound profiles and options is

    • Geovani Medina agree. I was using an old android phone from target for a
      few months until I was able to get the new iPhone. Using that old android
      phone that sucked made me grateful for the features that an iPhone provides

  3. One thing she forgot to mention was Apple’s new file system (APFS). It aims
    at addressing the core issues of the existing HFS+ file system.


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