Jaguar F-Type R: Beauty and the rroowrrr


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The F-Type Coupe is one of the best-looking cars in production, and its R trim makes it incredibly potent.

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  1. Over the years, the video quality has gone up in a big way. It’s really
    well done and presented. Kudos! And of course car is juicy!

    • Unfortunately most will not look at the production quality, instead they
      will rant about the reviewer. The Roadshow, in my opinion, now matches
      Motor Trend and EVO, and with the latter two going more towards paid
      content we’re very lucky to have CNET.

    • Cooley is one of the all time greats, up there with Chris Harris and
      Sutcliffe. I think that he sets the bar so high, that people don’t even
      bother to pay attention to other reviewers. I just don’t like that chick on
      Roadshow, she’s super annoying imo, everyone else does a fantastic job.

    • +bulbadox I agree, but one of the things that makes Brian “better”
      (sarcasm) than everyone else is how smooth and natural his reviews are,
      it’s like he was meant for reviewing cars. If most people tried reviewing
      cars in the same way, it would be awkward, kind of like Chris Evans trying
      to be Jeremy Clarkson. It’s Cooley’s style that makes him so good, and
      other reviewers just do it differently.

    • Jaguar doesn’t currently have a manual transmission that can manage the
      torque produced by this engine. Nothing with 500+ HP is made for pussies.

  2. Great car! Great reviewer! Great production! Amazing roads and vistas!
    Do I like Cooley? Hell yeah! But I also like variety and CNET is gradually
    growing its portfolio of reviewers and production team to make sure that we
    (the FREE subscribers) get premium ad-free content at a higher frequency.
    This is a tough job and this guy has come a long way. He now has confidence
    and is starting to build his own very chilled-out style. I will back anyone
    who works this hard to achieve a goal.


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