Sub for more: | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, President Donald Trump has brought his golden touch to the White House in a way that could make Hillary Clinton wince. Even before Trump conducted his first business in the Oval Office last Friday, workers had taken down the red drapes put up as a backdrop by President Barack Obama.

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  1. imagine if Hillary became president she wouldn’t be doing a damn thing
    besides bringing her Refugee terrorist buddies into our country!

    • busterthekingdog Trump doesn’t lie….He’s been in office 6 days. Procedure
      isn’t for him to take care of Hilary. He has to fill Cabinet offices before
      anything can be done about that. See…. Judicial Watch/HillaryClinton …
      is on it for an update. The MSM still tries to distort the facts. Bengazi
      Murders, Treason emails on private server, sharing confidential State mail,
      pizza gate..etc.

    • And the new Attorney General, Session, has to be confirmed by Senate yet.
      He will be the one bringing charges against Hillary Clintons and the
      Clinton Foundation. Senate Democrats are stalling the confirmation for this
      precise reason.

    • Makes you wonder who witnessed more action, the golden curtains or the
      secret service who had to clean up the messes afterwards. Oh if those
      curtains could talk.

    • C Reinicke, our eyes and minds can see, but inanimate objects do not see.
      How silly a mood you’re in. Secret Service agents have accidently seen, but
      not allowed to reveal their findings. Shame on the one who reported it, not
      on Bill. I understand that both Clintons agreed on an “open” marriage, but
      I was not there to know for sure. Perhaps all was well in “Camelot.”

  2. For Trump it’s a golden era,For Bill Clinton its golden showers.I thought
    he was going to display her Benghazi e-mails framed on a mural and a
    portrait of Monica Lewinski holding a cigar.

    • Never mind the mini scandals; I can’t forget the blood trail those two have
      left behind them. Anyone else do just one of their heinous crimes, we’d
      never again see the light of day.

    • morgster53 …. when that day comes, yep an OMG moment it’s going to be.
      Scary for sure. And it’s worse than that!!! OMG. I pray she finds the Lord,
      before it’s too late!
      And good choice, And with Gods help we’ll be reversing the curse, they
      brought upon this land. God bless America, God bless President Trump and
      all those working for America.

    • +Mr. “Barbara Bowman”: Ah – back in the role of the female Christian, I
      see. But informed. I enjoyed the ‘male’ remarks above about Bill’s semen on
      the drapes. Seems YOU are accustomed to playing both ends against the
      middle. How quirky of you! Shrink on holiday? GLBT stoking the flames?

  3. The curtains are attractive. Trump also had all the Islamic Symbols removed
    from the White House. AWESOME now Trump has a CROSS..Remember how Loretta
    Lynch threaten anyone who opposed islam, muslims… Donald just kicked her
    in the gut.

    • ISLAM (and Islamic Obama) are a CANCER ON AMERICA . The only way to fix
      cancer is to CUT IT OUT COMPLETELY . Enter Donald J. Trump , SURGEON !
      ”MY” president .

    • I rejoice the the. cross is back in the White House. Obama had no right to
      remove it. Muslims in Italy wanted to remove it from Italian schools and
      government offices. They miserably failed…cringe pathetic fools!
      The cross is the symbol of Christianity and president Trump has shown
      America and the world he is a true Christian. Hallelujah!

    • LOL, you waited until the end also. I couldn’t believe that he said that at
      3:16. I had to replay it a couple of times with closed-caption to make sure
      it was what he said. Hilarious!

    • All right, Truth Trekkerz now you took a spot of fun, and turned it ugly.
      As a member of the Google Thought Police, “Special Flying Squadron” I order
      you to turn yourself in for reeducation to the nearest FEMA camp. Potty
      mouth snigget.

    • He wasn’t he was just adding a little more comedy, Frenchie closed with
      such a knee slapper, he only tried to add to it. Comedy, you gotta love it .

    • +Barbara Bowman: She’s NO INFANT! SHE’S a Senior Ambassador of SATAN! She
      needs HER OWN PRAYERS before she dies. Jesus Christ WAS NOT the spineless
      wimp YOU imagine Him to be. HE could separate sheep from goats. He got good
      & angry at money-changers in the temple courtyard. TRUMP is turning over
      tables, too.

  4. You won’t ever find Trump putting his feet up on the Presidents Desk. Obama
    did because he’s a narcissist and psycopathic liar and he has no class.


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