Sell android tv boxes with Kodi installed legally and safe.


    • +Troy Camacho it’s  a very involved process to create an APK. If you don’t know anything Android or SDK files but do know a little bit about programming or python you can at least use an existing APK file and modify some of the internal files then re-sign it so that it can be valid and will actually install. All I can say is google the terms “apktool” and “APK Studio”. This should at least get you started in the right place. Hope that helps and good luck.

    • @Javier Zamora how u doing man? so how could i put my favorite builds on this or use it so when i want to put it on any adroid box they will be there for ex: i want an apk with my customized builds that i feel are good.

    • Travis Dent you can’t. But at best buy they have many different departments with cashiers so you can hit best buy about 2 to 3 times and get about 6 sticks per visit same thing at target, plus before u show up to buy them do an online order so you can pick up some more with having to buy it at the register

  1. @soloman How do I create those options/builds and the link at the start menu if I wanted to sell a box to a friend BTW great video on protecting yourself from selling 3rd party add ons

  2. this is an update from dec 28 2016

    Cable giants are stepping up their legal battle to stamp out
    the fully loaded Android TV box business. Their method of attack: adding
    more retailers to the hit list.
    According to court documents, Bell, Rogers and Quebec’s Vidéotron
    are now going after about 45 Canadian companies for selling Android
    boxes loaded with special software.
    Customers connect the box to their televisions and watch
    everything from TV shows to movies to live sports — for free. High speed
    internet is required. 

    Cable companies launch court battle against ‘free TV’ Android box vendors Free TV for life? It’s here, and it may even be legal

    The three TV and content providers launched their case in
    Federal Court in June, naming just five retailers. They have continued
    to add defendants and will keep doing so if the opportunity strikes,
    Bell told CBC News in an email.

  3. Hi, i tried using your app but i get Touchtone wizard error come up in bottom right hand corner after ive pressed for it to force close after installing wizard.
    Any ideas why that could be?
    Im using andriod phone by the way. Sony xperia Z2

  4. The thing is, whic i am not saying you’re doing this but just saying, having an app that links them(or walking the customer thru via your store front) to pirated content is extremely grey and mad iffy. You’re not hosting anything, but then again torrent sites say the same thing, or sites that links to uploaded movies on putlocker or megaupload said the same thing and still getting sued…good luck guys!

  5. I will reword my last comment.

    how can I sell them this way. I mean do I tell them it is jailbriken when they buy the device? and give them a heads up that it could her copyright warnings for certain things? idk how this can be legal at all. I used to sell movies, I haven’t for years now due to it being illegal and stuff. I have a lot of people I could sell these too if I can find a legal way

  6. Is he saying that we can legally sell an android box or firestick with cons firestream media apk installed, and by instructing the person we sell it to… to simply click on the firestream app we put on the device to install the build themselves we are not doing anything illegal ? soloman if you personally could please respond to this question I would appreciate it, I don’t want to do anything that would get me in trouble. If this is the case then my hat is off to both of you for providing this wizard to us.

  7. So I installed the firestream media on a firestick , went through the wizard , choose the clean 17.0 build and every single thing I click on to watch don’t do anything. does this install kodi as well ? because I had uninstalled the kodi that was on the stick thinking this wizard had kodi injected to it already. so far this does zero for me.

  8. have tried installing 3 times goes through installation steps but back to home screen after a forced shutdown. Any suggestions

  9. Buy a Amazon stick for £35 and put your own add ons it takes 20 to setup its easy
    You don’t need a pre installed kodi box off eBay pirates


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