Marvel’s Luke Cage | Clip: “Haven’t Heard” [HD] | Netflix


In this Marvel live action series, a street-fighting ex-con battles crime on the streets of New York as the Super Hero, Luke Cage. Now Streaming on Netflix.

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Luke Cage | Clip: “Haven’t Heard” [HD] | Netflix


  1. ” I’m about sick of always buying new clothes”
    Then how about getting some bullet proof fabric shirt from Melvin Potter
    …. maybe something in yellow

    • +Michael Burgarino true but off the record does Tony Stark has cribs like
      anywhere around the world ? he is a millionaire what super hero would not
      want to have houses that could be close to whatever places he’s hanging out
      on their “after hours” of saving the day

  2. When I first heard about a Luke Cage TV show I thought he was a good
    character, well adapted, but I didn’t see how it could be a badass show
    like Daredevil. Forgive me, I was a fool.

    • +kashstory Well unlike Daredevil he wasn’t an active superhero, and unlike
      Jessica he didn’t have some enemy he had to defeat. He seems like the kind
      of guy who just minds his own business so I had trouble imagining it 🙂

    • +Mark Arandjus Its one of the things that makes him unique. With this we
      get to see him answer the call to be a hero. Like Jessica he’s a reluctant
      hero. like DD he’s steps up to do it for his community.

    • +Mark Arandjus Ah, I kinda get where you’re coming from now. But yeah,
      still there are plenty of reasons it has the potential to work. For one —
      and I hate to make it a “race thing” — but the idea of an “authentic” black
      superhero is a refreshing one. Y’know actually being imbedded in “black
      culture” in America, and going through the same struggles that a good
      number Black people in America go through (more or less).

      And the whole Hip-hop element is also refreshing to me too. As a fan of the
      genre I don’t often see it incorporated in film soundtracks — sure you get
      the generic rap trap here and there, but nothing too major. And he seemed
      like a cool, slick, hero from the get-go, I’m a fan of the personality, and
      the charisma behind the actor. He’s also more powerful than Daredevil, so
      it would be interesting to see that play out with him facing powerless
      hoodlums. I mean those are just some reasons. But again, I see where you’re
      coming from.

    • Marvel-Netflix has made Jessica Jones a worldwide sensation. If Luke’s show
      was anything less than hers, it would be so weird.

      But now Luke Cage is looking so deep and interesting with the neo
      blacksploitation thing that I wonder if Iron Fist can keep the hype up,
      especially with Daredevil stepping into the martial arts realm already.
      Come one, Marvel, proof me wrong too! I can’t wait for both shows…

    • +Uglyguy 25 Iron Fist should take the magical route which Doctor Strange
      will bring into the universe. Then we’ll have another Avengers moment when
      they all team up 🙂

    • Jessica Jones did took a few punches on Luke and you can see that he’s
      actually hurt…Daredevil should be worrying about Luke Cage AND Jessica
      Jones. Those two are powerhouses. oops, forgot about Iron Fist. can’t wait
      to see these guys “get along” together in The Defenders! lol

  3. Me:Forgive me lord i have sinned
    Lord: What you have done my son ?
    Me: I doubted Marvel
    Lord: All is Forgiven,but never do it again.

  4. All the fighting in these Marvel Netflix shows are just perfect i really
    wish directors would pay attention to it and quit it with the shaky cam


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