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Season 3 Coming 2017.

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About Narcos:
In the second season, notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is on the run, with the Colombian authorities in relentless pursuit — and determined to put an end to his illegal activities.

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Narcos Season 3 | Only on Netflix 2017 | Netflix


  1. You gotta be fucking kidding me. Cali Kartel ? Dude. You could’ve made one
    about Amado Carillo he was almost as dangerous as Pablo

    • Considering the fact that the Cali Cartel controlled 90% of the cocaine
      trafficking after Escobar’s demise, and the fact that they are directly
      connected to Escobar’s story and were already introduced and casted, I
      think that’s the best idea.

    • +Sagiv Yaron​ I’m now happy that they’re doing one about Cali. It’s gonna
      be satisfying to see them get killed and arrested. They did a good thing.

    • Pablo wasn’t even the man in his own cartel. He was the face. The Ochoa’s
      were really in charge. Not to mention some of the Ochoa’s were out of
      prison by the late nineties.

    • As interesting Pablo made 65 MILLION A DAY!! He was it the boss of it all.
      The king of coke the Czar of Cocaine.
      He will never be bested his story is one of pure rags to riches.

    • It will be different without Pablo, but agent Pena and Murphy made this
      show, i mean without them it wouldn’t be as good as it is, so really i look
      forward for their new hunt.

    • They still have Griselda Blanco. If they find the right actress, her story
      will hold an audience just as much as Pablo’s did.

    • Wow! I thought I was the only one! I’m sure Narcos will continue being good
      but Bloodline certainly took a hit when Danny was killed. I was amazed when
      I found out John was nominated for best actor in a TV show and not Danny.

    • So first off this is based on actual history. It’s like watching a show on
      the civil war saying “OMG Spoilers!”. You know how it’s going to end before
      you even start watching it. Secondly, why the hell would you watch a season
      3 trailer if you aren’t caught up and care about spoilers.

    • Simple, we take 30 years to destroy drug trafficking and it will take us 30
      more to form a new identity abroad.

      A series like this that exalts a bastard like Pablo Escobar has a
      consequence on the psyche of the younger generation, especially in the
      periphery, seeing that moron and his team as an example to follow easy
      money, this series does not help.

      Besides it is not pleasant to go abroad and because to be Colombian you
      immediately tell of drug trafficker, more when the death and terror of that
      series for us was not fiction.

    • i didnt think it was fiction in the frist place, i just was asking how bad
      it was. he did help the poor. only reason i liked him. also he cared bout
      his family. but ik how it whould feel being colombian in that time period.

    • +Tyler Bogard LIE. Do you wanna know what was the pay for these “help”?
      being your assassin, be your worker in the narcotrafic, trerrorist and give
      your life for him. Do you like this?

    • if good pay. By the way i cheer for bad guys in crime flims. Hes no
      different than Micky Cohen. They r both violent sonofbitchs who whould do
      anything for their supply

  2. This series is sorely going to miss Wagner Moura as Escobar. What an
    amazing actor! That being said, I’m still excited for season three!

    • No its not!! Moura was probably the worst of the whole series!! The man
      could barely speak Spanish while everyone else was speaking with a
      Colombian accent. Moura’s casting was by far the worst decision, even after
      the watered down violence.

  3. I’m so excited, the show was never just about Escobar, its called NARCOS
    for a reason. I can not wait to see them take down Cali, it is such an
    interesting tale that deserves to be known, I actually almost find it more
    interesting than Escobar’s story, the leader of the Cali Cartel were real
    business men of stature and wealth.

  4. By the end of Narcos I was quit sad to see Pablo die kinda felt little bad
    for the guy . Hope the next season will excite me as the past two seasons .

    • At least Al Capone didn’t blew up civilians to intimidate his country’s
      government. In fact at least Al Capone most of the time only killed other

    • Francisco Gomez if you don’t know,lemme tell you that payload helped poor a
      lot.the poor loved him too.when he died 25000 poor Colombians showed up at
      his I think pablo was a good man

  5. Those scenes of Pablo’s last day were actually quiet sad and made you feel
    kinda sorry for him, especially the scene with Gustavo. He was a horrible
    person but he did everything to provide and protect his family. He deserved
    to die tho for all the innocent lives he had taken.

    • +Blaise Shakur they gave her money but Pablo and limon was on the run and
      was in need of cash so limon went to maritza trying to get the money back.
      She told him she spent it but he saw it under her mattress or somewhere and
      held a gun at her and it accidentally went off and killed her in front of
      her daughter

    • Jordan Caws the beauty of magical realism. he walks up, has a quick chat,
      and exits the scene as if nothing unusual has occurred.

    • That scene was very emotional, kind of bittersweet. Gustavo’s soul was
      speaking to Pablo as he could sense that the end for Pablo was near and it
      felt like he was welcoming Pablo to his world. That scene was exactly what
      this show needed, very emotional and beautiful even thought this show was
      brutal and cold.

    • Ryan Marshall. Look what they did with the movie ” james bond ” the last
      one, they suppose to show the bad situation in the Mexican government, but
      they didn’t want this situation and they gave it like 10 million dollars to
      the production and they changed ….

    • +Dixie Normous No it’s actually not. If you actually researched both you
      would see what’s going on in Mexico right now with the cartels is worse
      than anything going on in the middle east or Syria.


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