NASA’s new space suit is great for taking space selfies


The sleek, blue suit is lighter and more flexible, with touch screen friendly gloves, and a helmet attached like a hoodie.


    • Nothing to do with Trump, Commercial Crew and Cargo Programs were started
      by Obama. And the Commercial Cargo Program helped to fund SpaceX on its
      initial steps. And the arrival of SpaceX allowed to greatly reduce launch
      costs, even the former monopolist ULA had to reduce its launches costs due
      to competition. Also lots of commercial launches, previously done by
      Russians went to SpaceX. And if not for Obama and Musk, US would be flying
      on extremely expensive ULA rockets under the Constellation Program and the
      majority of commercial launches would still be done by Russians.

  1. We spend billions of dollars on Nasa for them to make astronaut suits that
    make it easier to take selfies with? What a waste of money.

    • Did you watch the entire video?
      Because taking selfies aren’t the only things touchscreens are used for.
      Also you try to wear a 35 pound suit while going to space.

  2. i understand this is not science fiction movie costumes they only have to
    be practical but they look pretty ugly…. i was really dissapointed when i
    saw them.


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