Sub for more: | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Hahahaha. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tried to hold a rally last night to hold a rally last night on the Capitol steps. It was an embarrassment. Seriously. These Democrat rats can’t do anything right. Their microphone didn’t work at all. Pelosi was caught babbling about the moon. This is too funny!

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  1. Sitting here in Australia wondering why this deal was ever made, that USA
    takes refugees we don’t want. They have been sitting in Nauru for years
    waiting to be let in to Australia and they have never been allowed and then
    Obama says he will take them. There was some reason Australia didn’t want
    them. They were illegal boat people that attempted to sneak into Australia,
    but got caught.

    • The Russians once detained Obama ( then the senator from Illinois) on the
      tarmac of an airport in Siberia. The story was reported on briefly, but was
      quickly dropped. He was there as part of a delegation overseeing the
      dismantling of nuclear missiles under the Mutual disarmament program. The
      Russians accused the delegation of spying, and detained their takeoff. All
      the other delegates were released, but Barak Obama was arrested by order of
      Vladimir Putin on the grounds of being a foreign agent. Specifically a
      British foreign agent.
      The British have never given up their claim to the US and have always had
      influence and control over the affairs of the US from the shadows.
      If Obama is a foreign agent, as the Russians claimed, what would be his
      mission ?
      Its very obvious that Obama has never had the best interest of the US at
      heart. Everything he does is to undermine and weaken US both domestically
      and in the eyes of the world.
      Its my belief that his mission was to destabilize the US states enough that
      it would be ready to receive the Coup de gras under Hillary Clinton. By the
      current state of affairs, Id say he delivered. We were a hair’s width away
      from this , but for the victory of Donald Trump
      The question is, whats the End game. who are the British Royals ,and who is
      Barak Obama.
      For a man who is so prominent on the world stage, his past is very
      mysterious. His history is unclear, and contradictory. There are more
      questions then answers regarding this man who won’t give up power, and is
      still working to destabilize this nation.

    • We heard that these refugees were refused by Australian vetting so Obama
      has them now in his private army /mosque right next to the W.H.!

    • Caleb O’Brien
      Now that’s s good one (we all know she’s a prune face, bat sh*t crazy,
      moron, etc.), that can apply, but, “No Sense Pelosi” says it all. She
      literally makes NO sense (but her husband made a lot of $$$$$ as a
      contractor in Iran). Their all corrupt pathetic.

    • Hey hey hey easy on the Nazi thing. They got a bad rap. The Germans just
      tried to pull a Trump. How about NutJob Nancy WaitandSee Nancy.

    • ya, but then all the feminist will go around saying I’ma gross woman, or
      growl it more like groooosss woooman. (However, it was a totally catchy
      one). Naughty Nancy is what I thought of, but then thought the same
      thing…didn’t want to hear leftists saying I’ma naughty woman.

  2. They are not trying for impeachments. They’re doing a Jill $tein: make as
    much money off of “the idiots” as they can, while you can. You know, they
    are cashing in. They wouldn’t give their time up for free…and are getting
    paid well.


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