Sub for more: | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., offered a logical alternative Tuesday to the protests greeting President Donald Trump’s executive order barring residents of seven countries with high incidents of terrorism from entering the U.S.

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    • Paris Adkins Well said and so true
      Let the hammer of God fall on the USA This is the last chance of the USA to
      repent. The United States is the chief gentille nation of the world and God
      has blessed it according to His Word in the bible. As a Canadian believer
      my hope is that Americans will rally around President Trump and support him
      because Presidents Trumps decision to support the Keystone pipeline has
      just pumped 12 to 15 billion dollars into the Canadian economy per year
      eliminated a source of Middle East war money and helped to create cheap
      energy which is the fuel for economic expansion. If you want to see an
      economy that is imploding due to 2.5 times electricity prices than other
      locations just look at Ontario. Canada. Companies leaving everyday and fed
      up with technocracy and arrogant politicians.

    • Deplorable Rob I agree with you on that. Rand Paul is a great person. I am
      glad he has jumped on the Trump train. However, people like you and I and
      most Trump supporters must realize that the fights are not over against the
      left. The pressure must still be applied to the left, by staying up to date
      with what the constitution says, and keep helping Trump’s administration
      keep the pressure on the Democratic and elite party. We must help Trump
      drain the swamp.

    • Lorrie Bell you may have gotten his party affiliation wrong but you got the
      MAN himself correct! Rand and Ron are both impressed with Trump thus far!
      That makes me happy because I want these guys to work together for US

  1. President Trump is going to make this happen depite the left’s ridiculous
    opposition. He’ll take those liberal fools to school!

  2. Thank you Senator Paul for supporting President Trump! America needs our
    best and brightest in the House to step forward and toll up their sleeves!
    Let the new motto of the Republican Party to be “If you are not part of the
    solution you are part of the problem”! We want results and justice!

    • Well if you say so. But this is not a war on land or bombs. It is a war on
      religion. So I guess your safe being an atheist. Because you know the
      muslims just love atheist (sarcasm.) They hate you! They hate your family.
      Your failure to love allah. So I would rethink it if i were you.

    • Aimee Curry I beleive that U.S. has no obligation to send tax money (hard
      earned money by americans) to any country, including isreal. Rather see
      that money given back to americans who are paying for it the first place.

    • Richard Sanborn I was thinking the same…..he became a terrorist when he
      became a prisoner..them in Nam turned him 50 years ago just so he could
      come home to daddy…I’m sure glad we didn’t elect him and Palin years ago
      we would be up shits creak

    • not yrbsns

      He’s a turncoat for the fricken Vietcong commie terrorists!

      He did radio propaganda hit for them in the 60’s/70’s!

      If he had any honour or bravery for that matter he could have suffered an
      eternity and die without ever spilling a single bean out…

      But he didn’t! Because of his life and sanity.

      Sad but true!

    • +cthprobert1 really…I really don’t care for the radicals muslims or even
      most muslims. But being that closed minded really. I was in Iraq and yes I
      did run into christian muslims there are not many of them but yes they do
      exist. Do your homework. Obama was letting the crazies in, and not the
      Christians ones. Just do your homework. Wow maybe I have this all wrong. Do
      your homework and looked what has happened to them since we went into Iraq
      and Syria..

    • +Casper 62: If “Muslim” is a race (which it is not) then there could be
      Christian Muslims. But “Muslim” is a religion. Therefore, if a Muslim
      converts to Christianity, they are no longer Muslim. Now when it comes to
      being “Jewish” confusion reigns. IMO Jewish is neither a race or a
      religion. There are “Jews” of every skin color with different origins and
      backgrounds. In Israel you are only considered to be a real Jew if you have
      a certain gene transmitted by your mother. That is not a race, it is a

  3. Rand Paul explains the reason for an immigration ban perfectly well yet we
    still have dumbasses who have an issue with it somehow. Other than people
    like John McCain who’re purposely corrupt and want to see this country
    burn, these idiots who’re against the ban are so ignorant and lost.

    • John Smith I think there are a number already here, we don’t know how many
      Obama has flown in the last few years. We need to be ready when the shtf to
      protect ourselves

    • Diane Armstrong exactly, if people have not noticed, they have
      strategically positioned themselves. If HRC would have been elected the
      next phase would have been implemented in the USA.

  4. people need to get a grip and forget that Hillary lost and relies that
    Trump is trying to protect us something that Obama never did or Hillary
    never would have done

    • Hillbilly Stormtrooper 《《TREASONOUS TRAITORS~~ Why, Just How is Soros & son
      (a Doctorate Candidate at UC Berkeley! Coincidence?) NOT charged, arrested,
      all assets seized? Our charity will accept these funds and truly help
      hurting people, refugees included. Who Will direct us to get him stopped?
      INSANITY: These are Criminals destroying our young people: paying them to
      riot, now they’re almost RABID! If BHO, Soros, Clintons, Schumer, Pelosi,
      Feinstein (Frankinstein) plus multitudes didn’t have Treason in their soul
      towards our Nation and most of our people, then this “Traitor Plague,” from
      near 66B.C., would not perfectly describe them!
      This could speak to the paid “violent rioters” even tho’ $$ may be a
      tempting from George Soros. Prayerful against this, joining with?

      “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious; but it cannot
      survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for
      he is known and carries his banner openly, but the traitor moves amongst
      those within the gate freely. His sly whispers rustling through all the
      alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor
      appears not a traitor. He speaks in accents familiar to his victims; and he
      wears their face and their arguments. He appeals to the baseness that lies
      deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation. He works
      secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city. He
      infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is
      less to fear. The TRAITOR is the plague.” ~Cicero (later Assassinated
      Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator,
      political theorist, consul, and constitutionalist. Wikipedia
      Born: January 3, 106 BC, Arpino, Italy
      Full name: Marcus Tullius Cicero
      Assassinated: December 7, 43 BC, Formia, Italy

    • Sheila Moussa you are one of a handful of very intelligent people. divide
      and conquer something Obama and the Dems have done is one of the oldest
      tactics in the book to bring down an empire. every great empire was not
      brought down by outside forces but by weaknesses from within. what I can’t
      grasp is how so many can not see how they’ve been led astray. is the
      brainwashing that discreet and subliminal that the liberal Dems can’t wake

    • Vince Kuznicki All of the dividing being done is described in a book by
      Carl Marx in I think 1934. It’s content describes how to bring down the
      west. It talks of attacking religion, the nuclear family, and other issues
      to divide us against one another. The Communist left have been following it
      to the letter. If our journalist were doing their job, this would have been
      revealed years ago, but they are helping to implement it.

    • Elaine Evans Trump has surrounded himself with Jews and born again
      believers who will ensure blessings fron heaven will fall on the USA
      through this leadership in the Oval office. Something remarkable happenned
      during the election showing that God holds all the cards. Originally Trump
      recorded 306 electoral votes but when the official count was done Trump
      dropped down to 304 votes. 306 can be literally written 3 x 6 as the zero
      is really a
      multiplication sign so the sum is. 18 or you can look at as 3 sixes 666 the
      number of Satan. When you look at 304 you get 3 fours or 3 x 4 = 12. 12
      just so happens to be in the bible known to be the government of God. The
      USA elected a government of God even though Trump is a known Freemason and
      the Freemason favourite numbers are 666 and 13. Remember God holds all the
      cards and uses people according to His plan. I hope someone would think
      about this and comment. Thank you.

    • John MacDuff …hmm, well it’s very possible because it’s God’s hand that
      gave Trump the victory, no doubt. Clinton is a high level witch steeped in
      lies /deceit and this country would have been done for if she got in.
      Throughout the bible God has and so will use whomever He wants for His
      agenda. Maybe Trump is a Freemason and their numbers are “666 and 13” ( I’m
      quoting because I’m repeating what you said), but again God could instead
      give the number 12 as demonstration that He’s in control. 12 is the number
      that represents God’s heavenly government. Beautiful. Gematria is the
      Jewish study of the significance of numbers in the Scriptures. (the bible
      was transcribed by Jews/converted Jews except Luke who was gentile

    • +louie kidd You bet. Any time. Sometime things here can get twisted up
      something awful. A personal belief is to be human, and fact are not always
      what they appear to be, and in history, it can get side tracked and
      re-molded to suit someone else ideal. So with little or no information,
      some think they have the power to predict the future. Frankly it is easy to
      see, that the batteries are all dead in those Crystal-Ball’s.

    • +Bilbo Bagshot
      Americans are first, there is no second, because everybody else is third or
      worth upon this planet.
      Never said nothing about playing with your guns, nor using them neither,
      now don’t hurt yourself.

      Ride to Win, or Don’t ride at all.


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