PART 4: How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work in 2018 (True Engagement)


PART 4: How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work in 2018 and The Key to Get Your Videos More Suggested on YouTube! A/B Testing, Average View Duration, and Triggering True Engagement.

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  1. +DerralEves I’ve heard this before that those spikes in your video come from people rewinding and watching, but I want to know if it also could be because they are skipping forward in the video . So you have a drop off but then the spike represents where they continue to watch.

  2. Hey Derral & everyone reading!,
    Thank you so much for these videos, they are incredible! Very helpful.
    I got a quick question that I can't really find the reply in your videos, and that is: Livestreams/Radio (a 24/7 radio livestream on Youtube).
    I run a 24/7 livestream for more than a year almost 2 years, and it's one of the biggest music livestreams on youtube right now, up to 100k views a day on it peaks!
    Now i'm wondering, ..The livestream is pulling INSANE watch time and retention and everything, and youtube is pushing it hard! Does that means youtube wont push my other videos anymore Because I have a livestream and will it only push videos that are similiar to my livestream one because that kind of vids give me the most watchtime etc etc ?
    I can barely get any video 'viral' recently and I'm starting to worry its bcus of the livestream.
    Should i disable it ….or what? :/
    Thank you.
    Every comment helps.

  3. Hey Derral can you please give me a tip or some help? Your the YouTube guru. I have a video that has been monetized and has 1.5 mil views. Yet I have not been paid for it. I feel robbed. I sent YouTube a email, what else should I do? I feel I'm not getting compensated for the views and ads that were running while they did run, they put restrictions on my video but that wasnt until it already had 1.4 mil views.

  4. Derral, You are my HERO. Many Thanks. I have a big mailing list and 700 videos. I started referring them to a video-in-a-playlist rather than just a video, and my viewership DOUBLED in 2 weeks. Everything is up since focusing on and cleaning my Playlists. One Small 30-second tip – big results. Worth all the hours of watching your videos. Thanks again!!

  5. Hi Derral.. I’m taking my family from Australia to LA and it’s around the same time as the vidcom conference. I’d like to get a day pass for the Thursday,but can only find a full conference tix.Can you pm a email or contact to make this happen.. it’s the day Nic and Brian are doing the panel and I want my son to check out what Stephen and carter have to say about the YouTube game.. this will be great for him and me to.

  6. Thank U derral,I have been struggling to get views on my new YouTube channel, but since I met your channel, I have been experiencing some growth, thanks a bunch sir ♥️


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