Pure LiFi transfers data using light


This futuristic data-transfer system sees an LED bulb flickering millions of times per second, transferring data using light instead of radio waves. We explain how in this video


    • I can think of a few practical uses in the real world. So I wouldn’t say
      it’s pointless and stupid. The concept itself seems brilliant in its
      simplicity. It can be used as networking secured by physical walls. It also
      allows for instant connection to devices that enter the field of light
      (much more useful if the concept evolves into tiny sensors). Unlike
      traditional wireless (like 2.4ghz and 5ghz) with WEP <-lol, WPA, WPA2, etc encryption that can be cracked within a day or two by any person with dedication and help from google. Breaking into a network that relies on a light source would require infiltrating the building. It's not a technology that has a use for everyone, but it has it's uses here and there.

    • +lilman227 ya I could see it being useful in a business environment, and in
      homes to with electronics that don’t move (tv, fridge ect), but as far as
      mobile technology and laptops the line of sight thing would get irritating.
      a combination of lifi for big immovable technology, and wifi for small
      mobile technology would be interesting.

  1. I do not see any benefits of this tech! And FYI, radio waves are light!
    Just not the visible kind. So with that, “LiFi” is just gimmicky marketing.

  2. what we need is to somehow transfer data through light into our eyes to
    receive information into our brains. That would save so much time with

  3. The main problem was demonstrated. You need a line of site. I guess it’s OK
    for things that don’t move, like a tv, projector, or even a desktop, but
    it’s no replacement for WiFi.

    • the advantages over WiFi though, are it’s theoretical speed output over
      WiFi. it’s supposed to be faster by order of ten fold…

  4. I think its fake because when he put his hand over the receiver the show
    didnt stop but when it did stop there was a small clicking noise which
    could have been them pausing it….

  5. If the LI-FI router uses light from LED light to send data to the receiver,
    how can the LI-FI router receive data from the receiver ?

  6. the video stopped on my phone when he put his hand between the light and
    the captor… coinsidence???


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