RULES On Dating Women With KIDS


RULES On Dating Women With KIDS Live Stream: Instagram: …


  1. I agree. I don't do the step daddy thing either because my siblings and i had a step dad growing up and he molested my sister.

  2. That's a facts it do be too much dating women with kids for me from my experience but still much respect to those in a position to take on others responsibility I got my own and he is my main concern him and his mom's!

  3. 1. The female shouldn't have a random man around her children if they just fuckin.
    2. Even if y'all dating, you still shouldn't have your kids all in that mans face. If he don't plan on staying long term then he should be a damn ghost to your kids. #Mikewho?
    3. Remember ladies you have to watch who you have around your kids. Your the one who asked for that man to be in your life, your kids did not!!!


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