Scientists create human-pig hybrid


Researchers at the Salk Institute have created something that could lead to human tissue production one day.


    • CBJO_752 I thought this was with cloning as against public interest and the
      interest they claim is tissue and drug screening? what tissue can we gain
      that we can’t already use from a pig prior to hybrid DNA modifications…
      we can use pig skin already for skin graphs and have… shoot I remember
      reading in a magazine an organ transplant came from a pig before… so
      what’s this gonna do and how they gonna say cloning is playing God and
      makes people uncomfortable but this dont…

    • Pizza Rat and that’s how uncurable diseases form too mutations effect more
      than the overall stand points of appearance and features but also changes
      the ways the insides are as well in never seem before conditions… as far
      as religion getting in the way to save lives this doesn’t save live this as
      the study says will magically help screen for drugs and help with using pig
      tissue on humans which can already be used by most with a mildly common few
      that reject the graph… making this a hybrid won’t do anything… as far
      as religion itself being a waste as you make it sound let me tell you what
      the writer of neuroscience says… if you poke the brain the arm moves I
      then ask the patient did you move your arm he then replied no… he asked
      patient raise your arm his brain created a temp impression similar to the
      poke he asked did you willingly raise your arm he replied yes… what this
      taught doctors studying the most complex part of humans by the man
      inventing neuroscience as an atheist was still today the conclusion the
      brain is nothing more than a control box for the body but something else is
      operating the brain itself foriegnly causing this to be proof of a soul…
      and fun fact each time you say animal it’s Greek for ani meaning souled and
      mal meaning being aka souled being… if you don’t wanna believe it
      Christianity it’s not my place to make you but to say all religion is
      garbage is ignorantly spoken when we have more proof than ever that there’s
      more after death… religion by definition means belief of the afterlife
      that influenced your daily life… so by blaming religion you to most that
      follow what religion they follow see that statement as the most ignorant
      thing read of all comments to say… being atheist like I was is hard of
      your willing to research the awareness of religions actual potential to
      being true in education… as far as blind followers of religion goes I
      fully agree there’s a problem on that level though…


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