Should You Date Women With Children?


Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to approach and handle situations with women who have children from other relationships. When it’s appropriate to involve …


  1. Absolutely not. If you want another man knocking on your door, always being a reminder of who had her before, then go for it.
    If you want another man having half time with the kid you fell in love with, then I'd say, go for it.
    If you want to be reminded all the time that here is another family besides your in-laws, in the picture, then do it. Single women will pretend to have to all together. They don't. The never did. They picked a loser the first time and all she learned was to act like she had it together to trap you.
    Take my advice and run away as fast as you can. When you leave, she will, promise the world to you. Don't fall for what I did.
    Guys, who are thinning of marrying a single mom, listen to me.
    I am from your future. DO NOT DO IT. You will wish you could go back in time.

  2. so I met this girl who is super nice and caring. great girl but there was a huge problem. she was the mother of 2 kids. I didn't want to be an asshole and told her to fuck off so I invited her over for dinner. she kissed me then I'm not sure what came over me but we had sex. it wasn't something I planned to do it just sorta happened. I felt terrible after because I just couldn't be with a woman who had two kids. it's a shame because she's an amazing person. I personally just don't want the burden of two children that aren't even mine while the biological dad gets off Scott free. I don't want that for myself. I feel terrible. I dont know what to do.

  3. The problem is a woman with kids doesn't have much time to spend with you she will flake on you and cancel on dates and blame it on her kids due to her not being able to find a babysitter or having to take her kids to school early in the morning. Then you cant really say anything cause its her kids. I was dating this girl that had a kid and i got tired of her doing this type of stuff to me so i dropped her.

  4. Hey Cory, my wife wants to have kids and I'm only 25. I just don't feel ready for kids. I feel like there are certain things I at least want to get started before I take on such a huge responsibility. I'm not even out of school yet and when I am I would like a little time to myself before I have a child. What advice can you give me? Thank you for any help

  5. I would. It's 2017. Guess what. Women have kids. I've dated with kids but I'd like my own at some point. I'm my own person so I'm different. They laugh now Corey, but I will make the best husband ever. It will be Unstoppable. All about the Vibe. She will be a happy lady.

  6. Cory, I just don't like women passing me over for a loser with no ambitions, then breaks-up with him, after she has a kid, she then becomes so interested in me all a sudden, yet before I had no chance ):-/ and this has happened a lot.

  7. If women where more logical and less emotional who they pick to have there children with the world would be a more stable and better place.
    Just look at the men a lot of women pick to have kids with these days, say I'm wrong, I dare ya.

  8. If a man has kids with a woman, it's his and the woman's obligation to provide, not the new guy your dating.
    If you can't pay or be obligated, don't do the crime, don't sign-up for making baby's class.

  9. The kids will be 99% priority for the divorced mom so forget it
    I married one who loved me but the kids were always a priority and couldn't raise someone kids and they never appreciate your time and money… as even the kids dog will be a priority

  10. How is a dad supposed to be act around the guy who stole your wife while he becomes step dad how do I deal with that


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