Stock Market News📰 | Apple, Oracle, Netflix, Activision Blizzard, Carmax, Intel | June 21, 2017


netflix stock 2017

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About This Video:
In this video, I will do the Stock Market news of June 21, 2017. The first thing is that Carmax (ticker symbol KMX) reported good earnings and good comparable sales. Carmax beats the EPS by $0.13 and revenue by $80 Millions. Carmax was able to have an auto stock that reported good earnings. Oracle (ticker symbol ORCL) beat the EPS by $0.11 and Revenue by $450 millions. Oracle stock has been heading higher and it is competing with Salesforces (ticker symbol CRM). Apple stock does not produce a lot of news but the Apple Homepod will produce a lot of revenue for the stock. Amazon lead the sales with Amazon echo for the amzn stock but I think apple will have a chance to take some marketshare in that space. In addition, videogames are starting to slowdown so Activision Blizzard stock might have a bad earnings next earning but that might be a good opportunity to buy, or trade the stock. Remember, there is nothing better than find a stock on weakness. Intel stock also ahd good news with the partnership with the Olympics.

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  1. Hello, everyone. I will be changing the presentation style starting tomorrow. Instead of filming in the car, i will fo a voice over after the intro.

    Sorry about the video ending abruptly but the camera overheated.

    Thank you

    • Joaquin Quiroz i agree… do you think accenture which is telecommunications will have good or bad earnings? Didn’t the the company earnings in the other video

    • I forgot acn buti put it in the comment sections. I do think they will report better than expected revenue and eps.

      Thanks guys for the support.

    • I like the company a lot but the price for each share is a little high. I missed the stock when it was cheap.


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