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🕵🏻 Most YouTubers watch and see what their competition is doing. Learn how to view your competitor’s Youtube Analytics on any video and see how the video and channel is performing.

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  1. I’d love to see TubeBuddy implement a tag system that allows you to only search competitive tags against videos with a certain number of views.
    Reason being, if I make a video on the game Life Is Strange, I don’t want to know how my tags rank against videos with 1 million views because I’m not able to compete with those videos, but being able to rank higher than the videos with under 1000 views would give me a big boost.
    I believe that that would end up bringing that extra person skipping all the already established content creators because they want a fresh face to my channel first.

    • here is a little tip, got to the competitors video right click go to page source, press Cntrl find type in Tag and there we go list of tags I am not sure if that is what you asking as I don’t use the app, if you use tube buddy could I ask do they have access to your account and adsense I don’t like the idea of agencys or apps having access to your stuff

  2. Derral Eves I uploaded over 200 vids over 2 yrs and I got only 80 subs I deleted all my all vids and trying something new in my channel that is mostly based on editing but I have only my crappy iPhone 4s and I don’t have a proper things to edit what you suggest it is my dream to be a YouTuber

    • PROHD Stop worrying about numbers and feel the joy of creating. Once you get over this number game you will feel empowered and focus more on creating good videos. I also have a channel….rihaan’s world…. only 3 subscribers but I am not worried….I just enjoy uploading… Good luck.

  3. Hey Derral! I love the channel, Just one thing though are you going to be doing any revisions of older video and techniques that have changed drastically in the last few months here on YouTube?


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