Tesla’s new Powerwall packs twice the power


With the Powerwall 2 and one of Tesla's new solar roofs, Elon Musk says you could live off the grid "indefinitely."


    • It is 100% more difficult to do a presentation like this outside. It is
      500% more difficult to present your own work than someone else’s. For
      something like this, it is necessary to slow the pace to 25% or slower
      compared to how he would present this to his employees.

      Other than the extra filler words, he nailed this. Also, interest in him as
      a person increases the interest in this presentation. Video of Elon Musk
      talking about anything is going viral. So, I think this was an A+ job.

    • Lmao Most companies are already using solar panel including Apple new
      Spaceship building that is almost finish. Not surprise lol?

    • +Saul Good Of course, he’s a pure genius. This man is the CEO of Paypal,
      Tesla, SpaceX, and now Solarcity. Would’ve of thougt he’s taking all over
      the world!

    • True story. Apple is “innovating” by… wait for it… removing headphone
      jacks! Meanwhile Elon and company are creating renewable energy solutions,
      space ships, etc.

  1. I don’t know how much you guys pay for electricity in US but for $5500 (not
    including the solar roof) this battery useful life must be well above the
    batteries we currently have to brake even after a feel years.

    • norbsli Look into the future my friend. Once the Gigafactory reached its
      max output, they would be able to make more of these at a lower cost. This
      is just like the case with the Model S and X, they serve as test beds for
      more mainstream products in the future.

    • norbsli The useful life of these will be in excess of 15 years at least.
      Installing a regular solar system of 3kwh plus this would pay back within
      8-10, max without subsidy. Then consider subsidy.

  2. Everyone busting his balls for his poor speech ability. He’s only like that
    because he has to dumb down his thoughts for us commoners…

    • Also he’s winging his speech… pretty much everyone like Tim Cook and all
      of Apple, have a script or a specific amount of topics shown on the
      teleprompter and they’re probably rehearsing for the next Keynote as we
      speak for next year… He also seems to be saying everything from his
      memory because he’s done pretty much everything. Tim Cook needs a speech
      because he probably doesn’t know a lot of the things he’s saying on stage
      haha xD

    • Yet he is more innovative than an entire industry… Let that sink in…
      maybe the world needs to change how we perceive speeches. Actions speak
      louder than words.

    • +Bryce Cicero Exactly… Elon is speaking from his mind, he’s not reading
      off of a script because he knows what he wants to tell the public… Tim
      Cook has lines, a script to follow, practices it for months, and I’m sure
      Tim Cook doesn’t know half of what he’s actually talking about >.>

    • PragmaticTV picture Steve jobs trying to sell the newest product through a
      spokesperson? It doesn’t work that way. He’s not a presenter true but due
      to the nature of his exploits he can’t relegate it to a pro. Consumers want
      to hear it from *him*.

    • PragmaticTV it’s not a speech he said it himself. He knows what topics he
      will go over but he said he wants it to be a conversation with with the
      crowd. Honestly it doesn’t bother me and I am one of the best public
      speakers in the country.

    • Lol It is not presentation competition. People don’t hear this to listen
      how he speak, people hear this because they interested in the product.

    • +Zetta I don’t even know what a presentation competition is, but the fact
      is that Elon Musk’s presentation skills are too poor that a large number of
      people are commenting on it and it makes it awkward and difficult to watch.

      I’m a huge fan of the guy, but part of being a CEO is understand people’s
      strengths and weaknesses, and presenting is not one of his strengths.

  3. Considering all that this guy has achieved, I think that it’s just
    disarming/adorable that he’s nervous when making speeches instead of being
    full of himself.

    • Kalle Kantola same here, I think it’s endearing that his speeches are not
      polished, it makes him/his products more real.


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